QoL things I miss from Presequel

  • being able to inspect co-op buddies’ exact skill and gear loadout
  • Seeing co-op buddies’ level and classmod (it was there in BL2, in fact)
  • “Sell all non-favorites” at vendors (can exist alongside “sell all trash”)
  • non-animation-locked, non-camera-locked, non-crap slams
  • snappy melee with fast recovery (and a robust dash move with Athena)
  • Vault hunters showing up in cutscenes
  • NPCs having specific lines for specific vault hunters
  • Vault hunters having mid-combat banter with each other
  • Occasional legendaries in vendors (EDIT: this is fixed!)
  • Grinder (with a vendor right next to it)
  • Moonstone sinks
  • dpresnell below me also pointed out an obvious one: the session browser. I prefer it to matchmaking, even with its flaws
  • EDIT: being able to choose modifiers freely (I’m talking about the cortex arena mutators - the same principle could have been applied to BL3’s mayhem mode)

I can see some reasons as to why they didn’t want to bring the grinder back, but I think there should be at least a “legendary sink”. Let us reroll three of them, let us affect what gun type or what manufacturer comes out…

As for moonstone sinks, moxxi’s cocktails were cool on paper but were kinda meh, especially since save+quitting made them disappear anyway… But BL3 has the eridian fabricator right in the player’s inventory.
First off, it could have a tiny chance to create legendaries.
Second: what if it could be charged further, costing more eridium, still firing only 10 weapons, but of slightly better quality? (EDIT: also fixed, although the real grind is for anointments now, but I guess it’s something).
And third: what if it had an alt-fire that did something else? Maybe spewed moxxi’s cocktails or something, I don’t know.
I mean, Earl’s shop is already quite good, but still.


I miss server lists. I hate relying solely on a matchmaking algorithm.


My first playthrough was co-op. Man, the amount of times I complained about this lol

I tried doing this and was like, oh :frowning:


Different dialogue in tvhm and nvhm

Double jumping with oz kits so you could slam more often

Brand skills and coms, like Jack had his Hyperion skills and legendary com which made all guns act like Hyperion. Well moze does have some skills I guess.


I miss playing as claptrap


Also TPS really did more with co op skills, bl3 seems to have backed off of that, which is kinda sad


It seems like a little thing, but I really miss this too. Going all the way back to the first BL, your class mod title was displayed instead of your class. Just adds a little more flavor (as well as being a quick reference as to which COM you’ve got on.) I hope this is something that’s changed in a future update.

Is no-legendaries-in-vendors a confirmed thing? I know I haven’t seen any yet, but there are certainly players out there with a lot more hours in the game than I. I don’t have high hopes though, with the frequency of purples and blues I’ve seen in them an orange would be bound to sneak in by now. :frowning:

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Probably isn’t impossible for leggos to show up in vendors but the chance seems super low. Presequel had it done fairly well.

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I feel you, One of the most fun char i played in this entire serie AND you did not need oxygen. We had so many laughs playing 2 claptrap the wife and I

The O2, low-grav mechanics and general story may not have gripped everyone, but The Pre-Sequel is definitely the height of Borderlands quality, understanding use-cases, and understanding what Borderlands is. I concur. (Plus it removed slag, hallelujah!) Ironic that another team made that game.

Objectively, I see TPS as the best, most polished Borderlands experience, even if there are reasons to prefer other entries.

Borderlands 3 is a bit of a mess after experiencing The Pre-Sequel. I miss it now and I only just played it a few months ago. I’m ashamed I originally fell in with the groupthink that it was a cynical cash grab that should have been a DLC. It’s so much more.


Yeah it was.

I don’t really think low oxygen should be in bl3 but we could of had packs that gave us a double jump boost


The butt slam mechanic was a lot better too


I also liked the tier, 3 I think, where you have the 1 point skill you only needed 1 point to advance past it. In bl3 you need 5 points to move past it.

So in TPS we could get to capstones faster.


This was such a nice feature in TPS. The slam system in BL3 is pointless for me as I never seem to be in a situation where it actually helps.

Also, are there more trap doors then the quest on Pandora to actually slam the trap door? I haven’t looked hard but I haven’t seen any.

I miss Maya from BL2 being able to heal and even rez people with her action skill.

Seemed like BL2 and TPS had more…flow between characters I guess? They seemed to be designed to work as a group. Hell even Krieg had his skill to let others hurt him which could be used to his advantage.


Norfleet Gaige wants a word

Each character has a few, fl4k might have the most oddly. But nowhere near like it was in bl2 and TPS went way further than bl2.

Aurelia had a tree based on co-op and it was great, claptrap had a ton and Athena had some

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I had a hard time matchmaking as Claptrap. As soon as I activated my action skill and make the other players do some weird ■■■■, the host kicked me out 100% of the time.

The healing augment and Ties that Bind is basically Maya healing on crack. I do miss the instant Rez capability though.

All I know is: Dual Wielding Nisha was god and Melee Athena just felt soooo right. I hated Wilhelm/Jack/Claptrap though. Aurelia was okay

I liked TPS skill tree design. They had contingency plans for your summons. Wolf and Saint could be resummoned if they were destoryed. Timothy’s clones could proc’d your kill skills when they died.

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