QOL update for OLED users

OLED, while having a risk of burn-in (not really the case for newer models but no need to risk it), is very popular amongst gamers who game on their TV, given that LGs OLED series have so many gaming features (VRR,GSYNC,ALLM and in general great picture quality while gaming).

There’s one simple thing the devs could do to alleviate the risk of burn-in on modern OLED devices: Let us set the HUD transpacerency! It should be a very easy option to add and given the games accessibility settings, I was surprised to not see this option already implemented. Especially the bright red and green colors of the health bar and the onslaught of static HUD elements could cause burn-in on an older (and in rare cases newer) OLED model. I don’t know what the best way to contact the devs is, so if anyone with the knowledge or reach reads this, consider helping me and many other OLED users out here, thanks!

This is not a niche use case either, as OLED is becoming more popular with every year. OLED is getting cheaper and cheaper, so I expect more budget models targeted towards gamers in the next few years. Please Gearbox, consider adding this small but important feature, I and many others would be more than grateful!