Qs on Xbox One after Chaos Rumble goes away

I implore you to keep draft q

I’d like a quick match, Draft ,Bots Battle,incursion)
Maybe im overconfident in player numbers but its feeling pretty full on xbox at the minute.

I would like to see draft mode stick around as well. Have not played it much, but the q times on regular incursion have been great, so I don’t think it is taking away from anything. On Xbox one too.

I have´nt played Drafts yet, but I think this could work.

Since the Winter Update, only “Chaos Rumble” estimated waitingtimes always showed “long” for me, while Draft & Incursion were average or short so far.
When Bot-Battles were active most times all queues were average and B-Battle was short-average.

But thats just my observation, I´m sure that the GBX-guys have deeper data on this.

They’ve said they want to keep an event in to rotation every week, so likely bot battles will return maybe once a month

The popularity of bots battle mean it has to return. On here and reddit it seemed to be universally loved.
Personally I can take it or leave it. Quick match tends to work for everyone.
I love draft soooooh much. But I think some people will still want an original incursion.

That’s my thinking of the list btw