Quadomizer drop issue on Mayhem 10

Has anyone been able to obtain a Mayhem 10 Quadomizer from The Rampager? It used to be almost guaranteed but after over one hundred mayhem 10 kills, I couldn’t drop a single one. However the Good Juju which also unique to The Rampager, did drop quite a few times.

Thoughts? Probably no one even cares about this gun but I’m close to believe the drop it’s bugged on Mayhem 10.

(I play on Xbox)

I think it’s bugged on all levels. They dropped like flies until about five months ago or so. I haven’t seen one since.

That’s a shame, I was looking forward to try a M10 version of the gun. Well hopefully in the future we will see it again, but for now I am done farming Rampager.
Hate those immune phases.

Since the latest patch I’m not seeing many legendaries within the main game . DLCs are dropping a lot, but I’ve been farming areas like the proving grounds which had always dropped 10-20 --now I’m getting one at most and the final bosses are just dropping green items. I’ve done 10 or so runs and it’s been like that each time.

I have a level 57 version of that launcher–pretty sure it’s MH 10 since I was using a MH 10 OPQ 300/90 anointment before it was nerfed to farm the Rampager (PS4), but I’d have to check. Throughout my entire time playing the game it’s only dropped twice for me–once at level 20 and once at 57 (probably killed him over 200 times with just two drops).

Thank you for the info, I do remember on my first playthrough that I went and farm that launcher on level 50 mayhem 4 and got several. Now I’m approaching 200 kills on mayhem 10 but nothing.
I submitted a ticket, hopefully they will look into it. In the meantime they suggested performing a hard reset, unplug the power from the back of the console, wait a few minutes, all that to delete the cache. I don’t think that did it but I’ll do a few more (few dozens lol) runs and see.