Quality of communication

Why can’t Gearbox Community Managers maintain the quality of communication like this below. GGG has been communicating clear roadmaps of changes and improvement for ages:

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Gearbox tend to only communicate on fixes etc once they are sure that they have correctly identified the cause of the issue, and that they have created a fix that is deliverable and that won’t break something else.

I know that this might look like they aren’t paying attention, but they are.

They don’t like to give possibly inaccurate info. Typically the most they’d state would be ‘we’re working on it’, but that’s not much.

They don’t want anyone to not be enjoying their game, though, I can assure you. They will be reading this forum (among others) and prioritising bug fixes.


It’s only been two days, and a weekend. It sucks yeah, but we can’t be this impatient.

Yeah, I didn’t mean that they should write during the weekend :slight_smile:
Now it’s been 3 days, we do get marketing emails with codes, events, etc. but do we get communication about concrete issues they are working on?

It’s basic psychology - communicate about what you’re doing, treat your customers with respect. No information gives life to all sorts of speculations. At least something like what Epic is doing would be nice, it doesn’t take a long time to prepare:

(I can’t insert links aparently, google epic roadmap).

Might be what you’re after.

Actually yeah, it was :slight_smile: thanks, I missed it earlier.

Just so you know, a lot of companies, especially larger ones specifically, plan out their emails months in advance as marketing. The marketing team is already working on DLC assets months before it is even announced, these are then pre-programmed to go out.

These are already set to be sent out, and do get sent out just continue to build up hype. Don’t confuse the mass marketing emails as if they are sitting there the day of sending them out. I work with lots of clients, on smaller projects, and we plan automated email marketing campaigns before the product is even talked about in news articles, for 6+ months in advance. Drip campaigns, etc.

Gearbox is not typically a company that really releases roadmaps, and that is completely fine. Not every company has to follow every other company. I never had a roadmap in a majority of games growing up, I played them fine and enjoyed the content drops as they come, the game is out, enjoy it for it is right now, in a month or two, maybe it would be okay to see a roadmap, at least myself personally, I will be playing for at least 2 months before I even want to start touching or wanting new content.

It’s not like the roadmap actually speeds up the time it takes to wait for the content. Whether they plan to release a DLC in 3 months and let us know about it or not, won’t actually effect the outcome per say, it’s still planned to come in 3 months whether they tell us or not.

Your also comparing PoE to B3 and PoE has been out for years, which gives them plenty of play with how long they need dev time for on their game. B3 is a new game, with new creatures, new environments, and new team members, etc.

PoE didn’t always have a development plan available to see like the one you linked, I used to play earlier, and at first it was not as fleshed out as it is now, so you could say that they are in a similar area in terms of release window to deploying proper time tables.

PoE came out in 2013, and it took almost 7 or 8 months before they announced their first attempt at a Development path timeline for people to view, with their first roadmap launching around middle of 2014.

Also, this thread:

Twitter is a really good way to check for up to date stuff. https://twitter.com/GearboxOfficial is what you’re looking for. Check things like the “Tweets and Replies” tab on their Twitter for any answers, etc.

Emails, etc are usually created and auto sent out so communicating through email isn’t the best.