Quality of Life buffs. (QoL) Can we expect them?

What is a Quality of Life buff? Its a buff that makes little to no impact on actual numbers. They aren’t buffs that will make your character move faster, hit harder, or have a character develop an even larger constitution. They’re buffs that generally help explain what’s going on with a character through visual UI. Whether its aiming reticles, aiming arcs, buff tracking, etc.

I’ll give an example, a Quality of Life buff that I personally would love to see.

El Dragon’s passive stacks gained via killing enemy units. Perhaps I am blind, but I have not been able to see any visual UI representation of the gained stacks. So if it is true that there is no stack counter, can we one day have it? It would be convenient to just look to the bottom left or something and be able to see some kind of Counter based representation of the stacks.

This goes for other character who can gain stacks, such as Whiskey. A counter showing that his passive is active and it ticking down via gradually shading the counter then making it disappear when it expires.

Those are examples of QoL buffs. They don’t make the characters statistically stronger, but they do help improve gameplay with said character by allowing you to see details like that on the fly, instead of trying to keep those counters and their short durations all in your head.

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Yes please, be nice to have an on screen symbol to show if Boldur has a rune up or not, when using his axe it spends so much time off screen its hard to see the ones floating around his axe. He also has a health buff that stacks 5 times too which I have not noticed any on-screen icons for.