Quality of Life Feature Request - A way to lock on-screen prompts

So, I’ll fess up–I’m using an alternative, non-standard control scheme. It’s a hybrid of multi-function mouse and gamepad, but I won’t get into the boring details. This leads to Battleborn receiving three kinds of input: mouse, gamepad, and a few simulated keystrokes sent by my mouse driver to round things out.

In many ways, it’s very similar to the sort of signals that are sent by custom Steam Controller presets, even though that’s not exactly what I’m doing.

As in Borderlands 2, when a gamepad input is received by the game, the on-screen prompts shift to match the gamepad preset, and if a keyboard or mouse input is received, they switch to the keyboard/mouse bindings.

This is mostly a distracting cosmetic issue, but it does cause a few snags in gameplay. For example, in Story mode, there is a bug when one opens a purchase selection pop-up dialog (drones, Wolf sentry, et cetera) with one control scheme, then sends an input from the other, in which the game locks out purchase selection in the dialog until it is cancelled and reopened. In other words, if I open the menu with the gamepad, then move the mouse a little, I can’t select anything until I cancel the selection and try again. Annoying, but not gameplay blocking.

But I digress. What I’m here to ask for is some sort of way to lock the prompts, preferably to the gamepad settings. I know where my bindings are, and I’d really like to be free of the distraction of the constant flipping of the HUD icons.

I know that, in some Gearbox games, this can be accomplished by editing the .ini settings files. If so, great–but I’d appreciate some official direction as to which switches to flip. As Battleborn is a competitive multiplayer game, I want to make sure any .ini editing I do is proper and expected, and nothing that could be construed as tampering.

Of course, it would be much nicer to have a setting in the options, that forced either gamepad or kb/m prompts. It would be incredible to have native support for hybrid control schemes, with mixed gamepad, mouse, and keyboard prompts on the HUD.

I know most of this is a long shot. There’s lots of pressing stuff to fix with Battleborn, and this is just a quality-of-life thing for a small fraction of the player base, or perhaps only one person. Someone’s getting paid to do this stuff, and their time is not to be wasted on the small stuff.

Still, I decided it was time to get the request out in the open. Hope springs eternal.