Quality of life fixes

You usually expect things from a game, when you get into it, you assume that this or that option is there, since everybody else do it, right? Here are some quality of life fixes that merits a thought.

1: More hotkey options
When you want to aim your Skills, you let go of either the A or D key to cast it, but you want to keep moving around to get that perfect shot, right? In those cases you’d use another key to cast that spell, but I was surprised to see that you only have one hotkey allowed to cast your skills. It would be good to be able to have a secondary button.

2: 4 votes to surrender
This honestly surprised me when my team decided to troll surrender after basically winning a game 5 minutes in, we all assumed it took 4 votes to surrender. Like every other game of the genre. Come on GB.

3: Better Death Recap
To be honest, I never know what did so much damage to my character. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense (3 times my health bar in damage) and sometimes there is not enough information. It would be much better to have more than just 3 characters and much better to have the whole list of damage that a character did, and not just 4 instances (I think it caps at 4 or 6, I don’t remember) and also how much crit damage they did.

4: Character Loading Times
You know, when you want to play a character but someone loaded much faster than you and picked him before you even got to see the list? Yeah.

5: Ranked Mode/ Quick Match
This was perfect in Open Beta, since there seems to be so few people playing sometimes (10 minutes queues aren’t rare in the morning) It would be great to have an option to queue into any map. I’m surprised that this didn’t stay. Later, you could add a Ranked mode system, with ranks and all the stuff that MOBA’s usually have.

6: Show what the items does.
Ever looked at your opponent’s legendary item when you TAB and wondered what it did? Or even your friends’s?

7: Death Camera
This one is simple; add an option to see what your team is doing through first person. Montana and Kelvin always take up all the screen so you don’t see anything when you are dead. Also add their health bar somewhere so you know where they’re at (and make you understand better why they left you to die for example)

8: Delay on everything
This merits a thread on it’s own but there is a lot of delay and end animation to a lot of skills which brides the potential of a character. Take Melka for example; you cannot quickly use her E-Q in rapid succession. It has a little bit of delay between. You also can’t use E or Q during her slide. Whiskey Foxtrot has an annoying animation on everything. It feels like the delay on most abilities prevents us from using their full potential. Like I said, this merits a thread on its own.

Those are but a few of my ideas that would benefit the game without changing anything in the core gameplay (Except #8) tell me what you think


No other ideas/ comments?

Not sure what you mean here. What Hero and what are you trying to cast? I can move and cast my abilities on all of my Heroes. There are also options to re-keybind and adjust how your abilities are cast. One example is when I use my Ultimate on Oscar Mike, I can run and aim it then click on the mouse button again to release/activate the skill.

If you try to aim with an ability (by holding down the hotkey) you are unable to move toward what your finger usually press.

I’ll give an example, I am Whiskey Foxtrot, and I want to aim my sticky grenade (Q ability) to hit w/e, I hold down Q.

By holding down Q, I cannot move left anymore. I wish I could simply add ANOTHER key press for my Q, for example mouse 4. So I could cast my ability with Q AND Mouse 4, since using mouse 4 will allow me to keep moving anywhere I need.

‘‘Why don’t you just change the hotkey to mouse 4 and be done with it then?’’

There are a lot of characters that doesn’t need this change and I play a lot more than one character.

EDIT: I use quick cast

I see what you mean. Some games have Hero specific keybinds which is probably what you are looking for. Or get a gaming board such as a Logitech g13 or something similar. I’m using an old Thrustmaster Tacticalboard which is no longer manufactured but still works.

Only thing I disagree with is the surrender thing. 4 out of 5? Like… what other games of the genre exactly?
3 out of 5 means majority wins. 4 out of 5 means minority wins. Your idea here is down right anti-democracy.
Also, clarifying a bit for those who can’t think more than one step ahead - 4/5 means the will of 2 people win over 3.
That is anti-democracy and the minority wins.

4 votes to surrender, not 3. 4/5 is majority

And it also means that 2 people can force their will on 3. No, it ISN’T majority. 3/5 is the best way.

Whoops, I feel dumb now , lol. Totally thought about that the wrong way.

LoL and Smite both uses a 4/5 surrender vote. HOTS doesn’t have a surrender vote (Which is perfect), but overall it’s mainly because people usually lose hope extremely fast and are prone to surrender if things don’t go their way.

But it’s possible to comeback from a deficit, I’ve proven that many times. I carried my team on my back and achieved victory, or at least shown them it could be done with teamwork and willpower.

The thing is, when only 3 people decide it’s over, it forces the other 2 to accept that choice even if the game is far from being decided. Anti-democratic, sure, but this isn’t politics.

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Completely agree on this. While some skills need the delay like raths ult, most skills really should be instant cast. Even posted a similar thought in my thread the other day

Yeah surrender is too easy right now. 4/5 is easy fix. Queue for any would be a nice option to have, especially for PC. As long as it stays an option and doesn’t become mandatory. Show item details from previous/current match makes sense as at the moment its a kinda useless feature.

The input queuing issue (or “delay on everything” as you put it) is a well known problem that I have been campaigning for them to fix for a long time. It’d most apparent for me on Miko’s heal beam and has contributed to the death of many teammates. Very frustrating.

On the topic of hero specific, since each character is so different I think everything should have the option. Like option of separate cast speed, sensitivity, etc for each hero.

When a group can’t decide, majority vote is the only fair thing to do.

Things like making Attikus charged level easier to see. Sometimes I see the +1 pop up but the little bar doesn’t fill up at all. Only played him once so that might not be how you tell he’s charged but I saw 5 bars and assumed. Also any character that has stacks of a buff should have an indicator for how many stacks you have. Buffs in general should be visible somewhere like Galilea’s shield return health regen just for convenience.