Quality of Life, Gear loadout numbering

The numbering in the Gear loadouts isn’t synced.
If for example you make a list of your characters it will not match the numbering in the game.

My Deande loadout is #4 here in Command:

But do to the Zero index here it’s #3 in the game:

You can name them. That helped me a lot. One of mine is Reyna specific. Others I call “attack and easy to afford” or other misc.

However, I wish I could see more gear details when I’m choosing a loadout during mission prep.

True, nice feature and I’m not stressed about it, just scrolling select is messed up.
(I use the top 4 loadouts for quick changes, then just scroll and pick.)

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I have also noticed the scrolling is weird. I actually have 30 loadout slots, and I organized them by faction. So all six eldrid, then Jenn, then Rogues and so on.

But during character select, it can still be hard to find them because the scrolling is… not consistent or something? Its like sometimes its skips and somtimes it scrolls.