Quality of Life Improv: More Status Icons

Just brainstorming here,
Would anyone else like to see more icons for Buffs/Debuffs rather than slight changes to the HUD?
For instance, when you’re targeted by Reyna you see the skull, and when Pendles is stealthy he has his little icon.
For instance if you’re buffed/slowed/wounded/etc you see some kind of icon indicating that.

If it’s already there and I’m just missing it I’m dumb and I apologize.

This is for your HUD, I know you can see them on other players and enemies.


Not dumb, means the original indicator is not clear/good enough.

Also, a clear indicator for any kind of stacks would be nice. And an indication for when a gear “special/secondary” is in effect.


Hawkeye indicator!!

Im so sick tired of that sneaky skill…


Yeah, I’d like some more status indicators. As long as they are A) consistent and B) non-obtrusive. I really dislike how it suddenly switches to third person view for some effects, like getting stunned. And other effects aren’t super clear.

Doesn’t have to be fancy. How about just good 'ol plain text in a small font somewhere in the center of the screen? “Stunned”. “Slowed”. “Marked”. No question as to what’s going on.

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I’d be on board for this. I can never tell when Im wounded or infected, especially now that Beas is a largely played character and you cant hear her sniper shots hit you.
maybe they can pop the icons under your reticle or something more noticeable.

What about change ur health bar color?

Change it to red unless u r using red, if so is changed to green or something.

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A flash then just a red or blue arrow with a letter or something, although unique symbols are fun haha.
Somewhere at the top and not big enough to interfere with your view.

For things like wound, this would probably work.

For someone who doesn’t have normal color vision, I would much prefer there be icons rather than color changes … which excepting Beatrix seems to be the norm.

Would be nice if there were icons for Hawkeye, slows and for gear stacks etc, etc … but dunno if that would be too much clutter.


Good point