Quality of life improvement for consoles, maybe?

For consoles, maybe add a weapon wheel to the default controls variation because sometimes I want to have a specific gun but I have to press the triangle button until i get the gun which sometimes can become a little annoying

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I wondered something like that myself, I pressed up our of habit, thinking it’d change my weapon and it’s now a command function for Fl4ks pet thingy. So it doesn’t look like we’ve got the 4 directional buttons for 4 equipped weapons anymore. Not so bad for me now with only 2 slots open, but I’ll be lost when I’ve got 4 open, my muscle memory knows to press up, down, left or right in a flash and I’ve always got the same weapon type in the same slot (down is always rocket launcher for in FFYL for instance)

I found that switching to ‘Classic’ layout in options restores familiar behavior.

Yeah I found that too after looking for an option to stop the game spamming my feed with screenshots. Changed to classic and then realised I missed the mission hot switching so I changed back again :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe when I’ve got decent guns and used to the new UI I’ll go back to classic but I’m pretty much using the exact same legendary Jakobs revolver right now so no real need for quick swapping, it decimates things and Jakobs keeps sending me new loyalty ones for using it (had 4 so far I think). I’m gonna be honest, I’m not liking the new weapons at all, far too gimmicky and a nuisance to use, I haven’t found one that I’ve liked using that’s also fairly powerful/accurate - but it’s early days, I’m only finding garbage.

Bring back the d pad function :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

You can re-customise buttons to use the dpad as weapon selects.

I’ve got used to pressing triangle and knowing how many presses to switch to which weapon.

The issue for me is when it doesn’t recognise the inputs.