Quality of Life Improvements for Supports

With the addition of Battleborn’s latest and greatest support, I’d like to revisit some QOL suggestions for healers and supports.

In any given team fight, there is a lot going on on-screen. It’s easy to lose sight of your teammate’s itty bitty health bar in the middle of all that chaos. I’ve got 2 suggestions that would improve a healer’s ability to heal, and I’d like to hear yours too.

First a bit about myself: I’ve been playing support characters since I was in high school. Healer, priest, cleric, medic, you name it. I’ve played everything from LoL to WoW to TF2, even DnD. I’ve played a lot of different games with a lot of different healers. Each game has their own way to make it easy for the healer to find injured allies fast.

Ally Health Bars on HUD
LoL and WoW both have built-in tools that show your allies’ health bars at all times on your HUD, usually on the side of the screen. Being able to monitor your team’s health at all times makes a healer’s life easy. He can see when someone is low or taking damage, find them on the mini map, and rush to their aid. This tool would work in tandem with the mini map to be effective.

“Medic!” Callouts
In TF2, allies can call for a medic whenever they want. They push a button and their character cries out “medic!” In addition, a white cross icon appears over their head on the medic’s screen. If the player is off the screen, the cross appears on the edge of the medic’s screen with an arrow pointing towards the injured player. Maybe there is no room in Battleborn’s control scheme for a dedicated “medic!” button, but in TF2 there is a setting thay automatically pings injured players when they fall below a certain percentage of health. I think the latter is the way to go. Create a setting that automatically pings allies when they fall below %40 health or so. This would help twofold as players cannot ping themselves, and someone withoit a mic may want to indicate to allies that he needs help. One thing to note about this solution is thay, in TF2, the ping *only * appears on the medic’s screen; no other class can see the medic ping, which keeps their screens clear of unnecessary information.

These are just humble suggestions based on my meager 12 years of playing support characters. Share your thoughts. And any dev feedback would be great.

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I agree 100% with this. Nothing more to say.

I’m down for something like this. I’d like to see this info

  • make it more clear who is in trouble
  • be an option for anyone to turn on (even “nonsupport” could run to aid)
  • do its best to not add clutter

I think the resurrection callouts are pretty clear - perhaps a similar player initiated call for help button with a ping UI element, like you reflect on with the TF2 idea, would work.

As much as I like the Ally Health Bars in MMOs or even MOBA - I think they’d significantly impact your screen real-estate in this game. They also have the problem of showing you that info but not really helping you connect the info to who and where it is happening. In a MMO or MOBA you can just click that element and you’ll immediately be targetting that teammate which makes it quick to find them. In an FPS - there’s a disconnect which is going to pull time away from your own reactions in the world if you’re trying to connect what’s going on with the ally health bars and what’s going on around you to find your teammates.

Personally, even diggin’ a lot of the support styled play, don’t really want HP bars on my UI. Make it a toggle and you’ve got a deal. I REALLY like having to pay attention to where my team is and looking in their direction to see their status. Its made healing far more enjoyable for me.

The Medic callout with similar noises to when a defense point is being attacked w/ a hud icon like the downed comrade plus would be neat. I’d recommend a smart-ping option like League has, so you have a few ping call outs.