Quality of Life: Left-Hand Keybinds

Please add keybinds on the other side of the keyboard for left-handed players, or allow us to rebind all the keys. Right now, we can rebind all the in-game movement keys and such, but a lot of the menu shortcuts stay around WASD, which is very annoying to keep lifting your hand off the mouse.

For examples, I use ‘OKL;’ for movement but when I open the map(which I’ve rebound to ‘’) I have to use WASD to move around and Q to set waypoints. Then to exit the map I have to hit ESC, when intuitively I should just be able to hit the key I bound to ‘Map’ to bring me back out.

Hope that makes sense, and hopefully something is already planned for the future! Thank you!

they are never going to fix this, they haven’t fixed bl2 binds yet. nowdays a lot of games have hard coded ui kebinds, just fix it yourself using AKH
here is a link to a guide on how to do it: UI Keybinds are hardcoded - any solution?

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