Quality of Life, Matchmaking, Bug and other issues/fixes

Want to start off saying I am having a blast playing the game. When i first saw game play footage a long time back i thought the game looked terrible. I didn’t have anything I really wanted to play when the Beta came out so i gave it a shot. Sure glad i did, because i fell in love with the game. The game is well put together and apart from a few outliers (cough Galilea cough) the game is pretty well balanced. Having said that there are a few things that I feel need to be addressed.

Also, i don’t generally post on forums so sorry if the format is a little wonky


  • It takes too long to get into a game, to help this reduce Map vote time to 20 seconds (currently 30) and reduce Character pick time to 90 seconds (currently 120)

  • Full stats on character command screen including
    *Attack Speed
    *Attack damage
    *Movement speed

  • When picking a character the toggle info should have more information such as
    *Current Challenges and progress
    *Lore progress
    *Helix info
    *Loadouts should have a full summary of stats when all 3 are active

  • Low Command rank players (under 10) need to be matched up with other low rank players. Command rank doesn’t necessary mean skill, but a level 10 is still learning how to play the game

  • Small xp/money Bonus for the winning team if other team surrenders, especially if they surrender immediately

  • Surrender time increased to 10 minutes, increase time between surrenders by an additional 2 minutes

  • Premade teams need to be less likely to be matched with non-premade (pubs) teams, especially 5 man groups. Premades should be matched against groups slightly higher in skill.

  • Add a reputation system where you can upvote and downvote one person each game. Not sure how to add benefits and consequences of having a good rep. Bonus xp/money for each game?

  • Players with high leave count get matched with other players with high leave count

  • Needs to be a UI buff/icon showing stacks for characters like whiskey foxtrot, el dragon, and kelvin (bonus hp)

  • Increase leaver penalty

General Quality of Life Fixes

  • Many characters have a delay on their skills that make it much harder to hit and overall usefulness. Things
    like kelvins chomp, whiskey foxtrots shrapnel blast, and benedict’s homing blast to name a few

  • Echelon is a terrible map. Basically every game comes down to one team pushing to the chokepoint right in
    front of the first sentry and staying there for most the game. If the first sentry dies, the second sentry is immediately vulnerable and generally dies within the next two minutes. Not really sure how to help this map, but it needs
    an overhaul. Maybe add more cover? There is a reason this level is played maybe 5% of the time.

  • Make the super minions over shield buff only apply to minions. Right now when fighting near one, the buff applies
    often enough that you cannot possibly win unless you severely outnumber them

  • Characters that bring out another gun/long cast time should have quick cast require a second trigger. Right now
    if you want to use Marquis/Oscar Mike ult you have to hold down triangle for the entire duration which is quite awkward

  • Characters that have a long duration ult (ISIC, Ghalt, Whiskey Foxtrot, maybe others) should not lose their ultimate
    when stunned (the timer still runs down while stunned though)

Character Bug/Buffs/Nerfs/Fixes

  • Kleese’s tazer will penetrate shields (physical shields like ISIC and Galilea). Is this intended?

  • Kleese’s second jump skill has really wonky movement, a lot of times you will just float in one spot and can’t
    move for a couple seconds, basically guaranteeing death

  • Ghalts primary attack will sometimes not do anything (seems to be something with the 100% range bonus

  • Ghalts ultimate does not benefit from his bonus range helix, making damage at medium range worse than just using
    primary attack

  • Ghalts hook will sometime make the player caught fly behind ghalt

  • Ghalts hook has a bug where i could no longer attack or do anything after using hook. was only able to fix it by waiting till hook came off cooldown and using it again

  • Galilea’s helix that giveprojectile when at full health needs to be removed. When she is at full HP her damage output is insane, killing any character in under 3 seconds easy. Removing this helix skill will fix her damage output. (+67 dmg per projectile I believe) With 5 projectiles every third attack that is 335 BONUS damage every 1.5 seconds on a PRIMARY attack. I may be wrong on this, but I believe this is close to 700 damage on a single primary attack at lvl 10 (primary damage + bonus damage from helix)*1.4 (4% per level, additive).

  • Galilea’s wound either needs to be removed, or more characters need access to it. Having one character that can basically completely shut down most support characters just by landing one skill is unfair.

  • Fix how marquis can barely poke his head over something and still attack (most notably the stairs on overgrowth). There needs to be more counter play against him.

  • The sentry “fix” by reversing the stair direction will make getting to him much harder. This is not an acceptable fix

  • Remove the ein, zwei, die symbol above cloaked enemies after landing a hit

  • Reduce attack speed by 10% for scoped shots

  • Phoebe blade rush needs a slow or silence or something, right now it does hardly any damage and very little utility

  • Make Ultimate reduce movespeed by 15%, making players require better positioning when using it. Currently it’s a bit of an “I win” button unless you can stun him.

  • Reyna’s shield buff has a hard time landing on teammates sometimes. Increase the spread that it can land on teammates.

  • Oscar mikes Level 1 (left) should be innate and be replaced with a new helix. Right now this skill is mandatory
    and if you don’t take it, he can’t do anything. Maybe allow his grenade to wound? (no healing for 5 seconds)

  • Ambra’s sunspots should no longer lose life when healing/damaging enemies. She needs to be able to support better. Her damage has been scaled back, but she can’t support all that well

  • Make Toby’s mines last until killed (max 2 out)

  • Shayne and Aurox starting shield lowered to 450 (currently 600)

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I agree with almost all of what you have here - which isn’t bad considering there’s a lot :’)

Special nod in favour of making Whiskey less clumsy to use. Honestly his abilities have good synergy on paper but take so long to use - you can’t get much of the extra rifle damage from the shrapnel on your ult (if any?) and what if you want to slow them too? then it fires to the left of your aim with the stickybomb -_-

Let’s see, I actually don’t mind the Echelon map but I think that the shepherds give an unnecessary extra amount of momentum to the winning team at the moment and they should spawn for both teams at the same time or not at all.

Galilea is getting work so everyone needs to be patient with her.

Marquis is annoying because he can kill you from far away but overall balanced imo. Only the sentry and ‘headglitching’ exploits are an issue and there’s a patch in the works - let’s see how it pans out.

Might want to help readers by mentioning Phoebe somewhere in your blade rush comment, but I agree that this ability is weak - I find I have enough to work with in Phoebe’s augmentations and basic attack damage though, and with how smoothly you can use bladerush while attacking I don’t mind it.

Talking about Rath with the reduced ult movespeed?? Eh his Ult is powerful but predictable, there’s a lot of CC available in this game. Someone on your team should be able to disrupt it.

Ambra is very strong still. Does not need a buff, she is fine.

Toby may be slightly on the weaker side from my experience, but that might just be due to poor team-play. I think 2 mines lasting until killed is excessive though.

600 shield sounds like a lot on Shayne, but never have trouble killing them so I’d say it’s fine.

Didnt realize how much i really had till i posted it lol

Shayne and Aurox - Between the high starting shield, overshield when using fetch helix, added max shield helix, shield recharge on skill use helix, and loadouts to increase her shield, it gets a bit excessive. I think i hit 1500 shield by end game with her, seems quite high.

not really sure how to help toby. He definitely needs some help, but tweaking numbers i feel could push him too far into the OP side, or just not enough and stay UP.