Quality of Life Suggestion: Add an auto-sprint feature

I noticed in this game, I often end up clicking the left thumbstick in order to sprint to where I need to go. In fact, I sprint a majority of the time I play this game. Last night while I was playing, I noticed that I was feeling a bit of tension in my left wrist whenever I was clicking the left thumbstick. I wanted to know if you guys would consider adding an Auto-Sprint feature to the controls, so that your default movement is sprinting. I have a feeling I’m not the only player who sprints a vast majority of the time.


Sprint also bugs out on PC sometimes and it looks like you start sprinting and then immediately get back to walking. That kind of stuttery movement. What is the worst is that in order to fix it you have to stop (release forward button) and only then you can sprint normally.

I would actually greatly appreciate this feature. I’ve noticed that it bugs out on the PS4 too, while sprinting I suddenly start walking…although it MAY be cause my controller is old and the left joystick got stuck…but still, auto sprint please!

I have issues with my left hand and clicking the stick with my thumb to run due to real life stuff.

An amazing work-around i found is re-mapping the keys on the ps4 control. I moved sprint to L1…ult to L3 (rarely pressed since it is an ult).

I can sprint just by tapping the L1 button and then i can continue sprinting until i retap the L1 button.

Sprinting is no issue for me with these changes though I’d be crippled without doing them.

I’ve had this a lot too, but I’ve always just presumed it’s courtesy of a bad connection. On PC you just tap the sprint key and release it and you keep sprinting until you let go of the forward button, I’m not sure if this carries over to consoles but it likely should.

In theory that’s not a bad idea but it’d have to be a sprint-toggle at most. Several characters have additional traits for their offhand melee attacks while sprinting (Eg. Deande, El Dragon, Mellka) so loss of manual control of which type of attack you do would be bad.

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ive noticed this as well but always chalked it up to trying to push down on that thumbstick while trying to move in multiple directions at the same time.

With the autosprint option the sprint button function just reverts: sprint while released, walk while pressed.

not only on PC, on consoles this happens too, usually stopping for a moment or just jumping cancels this, no idea what causes it but it’s mostly pretty annoying, especially if it occurs while you’re trying to get away from an enemy…