Quality of life suggestion

It would be so helpful if the character icons (small grey arrows) on the mini map were any other colour. The grey and blue are so hard to see, even if it were outlined in something like yellow it would be so much more friendly especially considering the teeny tiny scope of the splitscreen



I dont know how often I spent seconds in order to distinguish myself from my coop partners and THEN try to figure out which direction the enemies come from. Often enough They are in my back or either side but the grey arrow is so small and has almost the same size on all sides that I really struggle to make instant distinctions

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100% agree try playing flak splitscreen his pet marker covers half the other markers including you.

Solid yellow icon for player / solid green P2 and always top layer of icon priority.

And making pet marker duller and always bottom layer of icon display.

This would be my ideal minimap icon view personally.


Agreed. This made using the minimap during battles super awkward back when I used the “rotate player” option. I’ve since switched to “rotate map,” and it’s helped quite a bit. I only play solo, though, so I wouldn’t know about the problems in trying to pinpoint the locations of co-op partners.

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Can’t agree more. Sometimes I run around in a circle to try to glimpse where my icon is on the map. Meanwhile I’m getting smashed cause the red dots I thought were in front were actually behind me. Doh!


This was my exact experience too. It does not help that the HDR mode is just too dark at least for me to see the enemies on screen easily.

I disabled HDR banged brightness up and its like playing a completely different game I can easily see the enemies moving in the background now. Until I did this the mini map issue drove me nuts.

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well in coop both markers are identical in size and color. So when you and your team stand fairly close to each other its a complete marker salad making it super hard to figure out which one of the markers is yours and controlling rotation via mini-map is also hard when you have overlap from the other markers

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thanks man, going to give this a try


NP buddy hope it helps. I think its because the HDR slider only go’s up to 750 lumens while my tv is capable of 2000 so it prob appears a lot duller / darker to people with TV’s like the high end Samsung Q series.

I can live without HDR to get a nice bright image more akin to Borderlands 2 though & truly upped my enjoyment level.