Quality of Life Suggestions++

Dear GBX,

Just wanted to make sure that y’all saw this post from the 2k forums about possible improvements to Battleborn. https://forums.2k.com/showthread.php?4281871-Battleborn-Quality-of-Life-Suggestions

The following are my 2 cents on the points raised.

  1. I like the improvements u have been making to match making. Keep it up.


  3. Annoying but not that bad but it would be nice if u can fix it.

  4. Ermagod PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS!!! This was a thing in your Borderlands games. And yes I know this game is not Borderlands but they share DNA and if that shared DNA means u can bring this feature to BB quickly then please make it a thing. I really want to know what’s active and for how long.

  5. I want this but in a different place. See my #4.

  6. Don’t care about this personally.

  7. Aimbots is a thing. It would be gr8 if u could do something about it but because of how this game works it’s not the worse thing ever. Meaning, good team play is the best way to deal w/ it until it can be fixed in game.

Now for a couple of my own suggestions.

  1. Reasonable increase in legendary drop rates for single player story modes. The only reason I’m asking for this is because I play on PC and the PC player base is steadily declining so I can’t always get a full team together to run story so I do a lot of farming solo.

  2. Make trading a feature. This was a feature in BL2 and I would love to see it in Battleborn. I’m a farmer/collector of legendaries and trading would significantly extend my own enjoyment and possible help the sustainability of this game on PC.

  3. Crank up the number of shards early game in story/advanced/hardcore mode for The Algorithm and The Renegade missions. As a general rule I think there should always be more shards available up front when there is >= 3 players on an advanced/hardcore mission.

  4. In the PVP match history screen include the load out information of mine and the opposing team. The loadout info is available during the game so I hope it’s straight forward to make it available post game.

  5. Give a 60 sec buy back window. This way if one accidentally sells loot from their bank it can be retrieved in a reasonable amount of time.

I’ve asked for a lot so I would like to say a few things about what you’ve already provided.

First and foremost, thanks for a great game! I have truly enjoyed the experience of playing this game. For example, I laughed to tears the first time I played Ghalt and used his ultimate and he started reasoning about his duel wielding abilities and its overt reference to the Gunzerker class in BL2. I play The Algorithm over and over again because I never tire of ISIC’s dialog (plus I WANT the Poor-M-Pulse Controller legendary!). I’ve had to start using push-to-talk in PVP because of the many laugh out loud moments I have from in game player callouts (e.g., Kleese, Benedict, and Oscar Mke are finger flubbing hilarious). I could go on but I’ll stop by saying Battleborn has injected genuine moments of joy in this player’s life so thank you!

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I think you probably should’ve just replied there. This post just seems incoherent, even after I read the original post.

Gearbox is the developer. Changes come from them so it’s more important that they see it instead of 2K. 2K may pass it along but then again they may not. At least here there is a better chance that Gearbox will see it, confusing though it may be.

If that was your intention, it might be better to state what was said, and then give your opinion on it.

I read the OP on 2k, but I think you should quote the OP in your post here. It’s proper form, yeah?