Quality of Life Suggestions

All the opinions, and suggestions expressed are purely my own opinion, and things that I just think could help improve the game, or just confuse me. Idk if Gearbox actually pays attention to these forums, but if they do, I just want to put this out there.
This doesnt mean to come off as a rant, but just might lol. And I know these arent probably popular opinions, but I just personally think it would help.

  • Immediate Echo Use: Im not sure exactly what is the issue here, but there are a lot of instances when Im not able to immediately use the Echo device. Most notably as soon as the game starts. I did a test of 10 restarts, and each time I wasnt able to access the Echo device for at least 8 mississippi seconds. Kept getting the Cant use Echo Device prompt

  • Slaughter’s are a bit of a tight knit slog: So far Ive only done the Cistern of Slaughter, so I cant really speak on the others, but so far its a bit of a long grind. People often leave by the time round 3 or 4 roll around just cause of how time consuming it is, and when going solo its even longer. Also there arent a lot of ammo crates to go around. Just recently managed to get to Round 5, Wave 4/5, but died simply because I had no more ammo to get. I kept regenerating some ammo because of my build and luck from my pet killing creatures while I ran around like a headless chicken doing hit and runs with melee, but after a while I just kept getting bombed by Rakks and couldnt do it anymore. I didnt have enough munition to take out the creatures on the ground let alone the annoying buzzards in the air. And speaking of the Rakks…they are seriously a chore. I mean, I barely like dealing with them out in the world, and just ignore them on Pandora, but on CoS youre forced to deal with wave after wave of the things. 3 Badasses being able to spawn at a time with different elements bombing you from everywhere, and they fly around so quickly it becomes an ammo drainer unless you have an Atlas gun at the ready. And once again, this is the only Slaughter Arena Ive done so far, so I cant speak on the others, but the stage is so small, it barely gives you room to maneuver anywhere and you keep getting stuck on obstacles while trying to get around. Plus idk if its due to all these obstacles and structures around the stage that you can get caught on, or just some errors in the CoS itself. But Ive had a couple of runs where I had to forcibly kill my character because a creature got stuck in an unkillable spot in the stage. For example, in the last one I had just played I was on Round 3 and a Rakk had gotten stuck inside the podium where you press the button. At least thats where I assume it got stuck. You could hear its screech around that area, but you couldnt see it, and ergo, couldnt kill it. And this is just one example of this happening. Ive had some get stuck in the pipes, the junkheap, etc. Heres just one example of said bug. A jabber somehow got ALL the way off map in CoS. Idk how…Its a toxic type, not the shock type, so it cant teleport. It has some damage taken so it was in combat with us before we got there. My only thought is that it was fighting with us. Got stuck in one of the structures, and then somehow glitched all the way over there, off map lol.

  • Additional Inventory Filters and Comparing: The game does this when you are comparing Shields, Class Mods, Grenades, and Artifacts, so I think also doing this for guns would be nice too. When Im looking at the stats of a Pistol Im not trying to compare it to a Shotgun. So I think it being able to filter and look at only guns of that class type, at least as an option, would be awesome.

  • Menu Lag?: Im not sure if this is happening for everyone or just me. But switching between the menus (Map, Inventory, Guardian Rank, etc.) Seems to have a bit of lag behind it. Its has a bit of delay to its response to actually switch over.

  • Bring Back Traditional Firing Range: The minigame is nice. But Id love to have the traditional firing range back to test out my guns

Idk if any of these are being implemented already, or are coming in the next patch. Im just voicing some suggestions just in case.


  • Excessive Exclamation Points: Something I forgot to put in, but kinda irks me, even if it is small. Whenever I load up the game, there are exclamation points over the TVHM selection, even though I already have a game going. Its highlighting the option as if its new and Im not already playing it. Also the same goes for my inventory. Im not sure why but even whenever I go to my bank, all the items stored are highlighted with exclamation points as if Im just seeing them for the first time. Its small, but it really bothers my gamer OCD lol.
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Regarding inventory sort, one method that was conspicuously missing from this game but was at least in BL2 and BL:TPS was the ability to sort by value.

Youre right lol. Often times when playing, when you are doing some kind of mission thats similar to a dungeon, you find that vending machines are far and few. If only at the beginning, and end of stage, before the boss battle, and youll have accumulated lots of loot in between then. I usually have to go by Gear Score order to get a better view at the items in my inventory with the least amount of money earned for selling. If that was brought back it would make it much easier to discard to lesser wanted items so you can keep looting the high dollar ones.

well you can sort by score, which also reflects the value i think.

It kinda does, but kinda doesnt at the same time. Like right now I have a Rare Atlas Assault Rifle with a Gear Score of 490 thats worth over 11000$. And above it are at least 5 other guns that are worth less than 10,000 before I get to a gun worth over 13,000 with a Gear Score of 501. So its a bit weird. The 5 guns in between them are higher scored, but worth less. Then again thats part of the procedural generation of the parts on the gun. Thats also the method Im using right now but it does still lack compared to before.

  • A quest pannel in Sanctuary III which gathers all secondary quests, or says us which quest is where