Quality of the Game thoughts

World drop weapons should never have been let go to irrelevant and useless for players at high mayhem levels…as is the existing situation.

Now, lol, to add insult to injury, the useless world drop legendaries barely drop at all. Not much fun for new players.

For me at least, there isn’t much point in staying with the game for the long term in order to just play with the same few guns. Plasma Coil, light show, Harold, flipper, etc.

If most legendaries were actually useful at high mayhem levels, the game would be a lot more interesting. For me, anyway. There would be many more ways to play.

Come on Gearbox, do something for us.


If you haven’t picked it up yet the new guns in the DLC are great. The new Atlas pistol is amazing both in its power and how it functions, better than coil I’d argue - for mobbing at least

I would like to see some legendaries get buffed though. Flakker is a very unique gun and used to be great but it isn’t so great now. It’s still really powerful against mobs but it suffers hard on badasses and bosses


Maybe this drop reduction could be an opportunity for them to make these world drops weapons very powerful so they’d be more rewarding to get?


Interesting thought!

I’m hoping for continued buffs to Legendaries, myself. It might not be the best way to approach balance, but it is a way to approach balance, so they might as well see it through.

I still don’t get why it’s so piecemeal. That’s my only real complaint.


From what I’ve observed in my new play through since the patch, considering legendary Drop rates

Playing Normal mode (Without any Mayhem) you will receive the MOST dedicated drops and Not many world drops!!! (This is how Mayhem 10/11 should be)

Mayhem 1-11 mainly drop world drops with small chance of dedicated drop

Literally 0 reason to farm red chests at endgame anymore because such low chance at legendaries… you might as well farm mouthpiece

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They won’t.

Temper your expectations with history.


…Sigh… I know, but hope springs eternal.

Perhaps the piece at a time buffing of legendaries is mainly a cheap trick to get people to buy DLC’s…

Think I have made my feelings quite known on how I think the quality of this game is. Just try matchmaking or split screen co-op and that should answer it not to mention the console stability.

I’ve been thinking about this since the update on and off. About how Arms Race get’s players to engage with gear that they probably haven’t used since completing the campaign. About how people dislike the modifiers in Mayhem as way of adding difficulty.

What if the drop rate for legendary loot, particularly more powerful legendries, was tied to the quality of the players equipped loot on Mayhem?

So you roll in on Mayhem with all legendary Mayhem 10 gear, you’ll get a Woodblocker if you’re lucky maybe even a dedicated drop after a good long while. Mayhem 10 white gear though and suddenly you’re getting a Cutsman, a Lob or a Kaoson after a bit of work. Dedicated drops start dropping more readily. Mayhem 1 white gear, suddenly it’s raining legendries.

It’d make getting through the Mayhems a longer term challenge, make the entire loot pool beyond legendary have some use and getting M10 Legendaries even harder. You’d probably have to rebalance far too much in Borderlands 3 to make that work though.


Was something flagged? There isn’t even a downvote button on this platform.


Idc what gear they put in arms race I still hate it and I’m still not playing it and this nerf makes it even worse



The Defense Force might flag you too.

If that was ever implemented, I could equip lvl 1 non-mayhem white gear as Moze and still trash everything in Iron Bear to get good loot.

DLC Season 2 is on sale right now.

I’d bet hard money that Gearbox will magically “fix” the drops immediately after the sale is over, to try to manipulate the weak-minded into purchasing Season 2 at full price.

It’s all f**kery.


I don’t think there is a fix coming if the motivation is monetary. The highest volume of sales for Season Pass 2 will have been this weekend, especially with the sale. I seriously doubt that there is a Season Pass 3 or further none Season 2 DLC that people have to purchase separately in the pipeline, outside of maybe some cosmetics. So the risk of monetary loss in the short term from alienating a chunk of your audience is limited.

The real risk is down the line with future releases and whether people care enough about this to swerve Borderlands 4. I know I will but I’m one person, in that respect I think the greater risk to them is the competition from other looter shooters, they aren’t the only game in the genre and outside of the humour and aesthetic I don’t know if Borderlands brings anything to the table gameplay wise that other games aren’t doing better at implementing or iterating on.

Sad that it took this update to make me see that but that’s on me.

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I agree with you at this point it is going to be interesting to see how many people pre-order or purchase BL4 out the gate. I know I will not be one of them after how BL3 has been handled and the lack of day 1 issues that have yet to be addressed. BL3 sold extremely well off the back of the first three entries but thinking that yes, BL4 will sell for sure but don’t think it is going to hit those pre-order/day 1 sales that BL3 did.

I also think that Season Pass 2 landed with a thud as well. Of course Season Pass 1 sold well because like myself a lot of people got the Super Deluxe Sucker Beta Edition that it came with and the rest of the public purchased it out of the gate based on the quality DLC that @GBX released for their past games.

Bottom line I think, my opinion again, that a lot more of the buying public are going to be trepidatious about anything coming from @GBX in the future, especially anything related to Borderlands.


I bought 3 because of how I loved 2, got the deluxe because Bl2 DLC where really fun…

BL4 i will probably ignore because of my hate for BL3 :rofl:

BL4 needs to be better then the whole franchise combined or i’m not touching it. And i’m sure i’m not the only one having this idea :grimacing:


Yep, I completely understand. I know the next time around there is no way I will be getting BL4 via pre-order or day one purchase. Learned my lesson with BL3. I will let others pay full price to beta test the next @GBX product.

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