Quality Suggestions for Borderlands 3

Hello everyone,
I just want to say before I begin. Thank you gearbox for making another great game.
If anyone agrees or disagrees with anything on the list, let me know. I am always curious to hear other opinions.
BL3 has added some amazing things that were lacking in the games that came before, but I feel like there are things, some simple and some not so much so, that have either been left out or lost in re-implementation.
Today, I will be sharing some things that I believe should be added to the game.

Mayhem mode effect indicator
One thing I have found very annoying is having to check the map to see what modifiers mayhem mode is applying to my game. I believe there should be a small section of the UI that shows the mayhem modifiers in shorthand. For example: If some of the modifiers are -50% cryo-damage taken and +150% health for enemies, then the small UI element can show -50% (cryo-symbol) +150% (heart)
I know this would require us to learn a bunch of symbols, but we are willing to learn!
A good place to put it would be next to the mayhem level indicator under the Guardian rank bar.
It would even be sufficient for me if this UI only showed once for around 10-20 seconds when loading into a new area.

Legendary Storage
I am a collector like many others, so I very much intend on collecting every elemental version of every legendary available. I also want to be able to collect unique or build specific items as well. The current bank in the game doesn’t hold nearly enough and is cross character meaning there is very little storage in total without making characters for the sole purpose of storing items. This was a problem in BL2 as well, as I had to just mod a characters inventory to be infinite to store my stuff (sorry). My suggestion here is to give us both the item bank (and make it not cross character), and give us a legendary-only storage that is infinite. This legendary storage should also be highly filterable and possibly searchable. The point of leaving in the bank is for uniques and build specific epics, but this could be implemented into the legendary storage as well.

Spec loadouts
As much as I love respecing to create new builds, I do not like having to redo the skill tree every time I want to switch between two builds I have already made. I believe we should be able to save spec configs and switch to them by selecting a loadout at the Quick-change station. This should still cost the same amount as respecing; I am all about the cash sinks.

Class mod Display
In BL2, the name of your current classmod is displayed on the UI to you and to your teammates. Please add this back in. It is a good place to check that I have the correct mod equipped, and to have an idea of what other people are building.

Comparing items on the ground
At the moment when you look at items on the ground, it shows a very basic, and most of the time, non-helpful comparison between your equipped item and the item on the ground. It also bugs out much of the time, forcing you to look around at a bunch of different things on the ground in order for some things to show up. My suggestion would be to show the comparison as it would shown when you compare two items in your inventory. This would make searching for really good build specific epics and legendaries much easier.

Grenade indicator when using two action skills
This is Zain specific, but when using two action skills, there is no indicator that shows the amount of grenades you currently have. This would be very useful for some builds that utilize using grenades with the clone.

Teammate down indicator
When playing coop in BL2, it is very easy to see when your teammates are down. In BL3 this has become much harder. It may even be the case that the down indicator doesn’t show up in some cases. My suggestion here would be to either make the indicator bigger, brighter, or different in a way that would make it more obvious but not obstructive. This could even be done with an audio cue.

Dialog queue
When playing in coop or even solo, if you pick up an echo or start a quest dialog and then accidentally or intentionally start another dialog, the second dialog will not play and cannot be replayed. My suggestion is to put these dialogs in a priority queue so that it plays dialog in this order: Story missions, side missions, echos, other.

Quitting as a party
It is no secret that save quit farming is the way to go when farming bosses. I personally like to farm bosses with my friends, and currently, when quitting to the main menu, the current party is disbanded. It is still relatively easy to save quit farm with friends due to the implementation of joining other people being very fast and very efficient, but my suggestion is to allow the game leader to be able to quit to menu with party or make that the default option and add an option to leave and disband party similar to games like Warframe.

Gearbox, I hope you consider these things for future updates.
Everyone else, Thank you for reading.


I like all of these (and will try to keep the format with my own endorsement here)

Guardian Rank Progress (super easy if I just can’t find it, or difficult because whole new UI section).
I would also like to be able to see my progress (and the actual types) of Guardian Rank challenges… at the moment, they just sort of pop up with a clever name and, ‘completed’. If I knew I was close to one, I might focus on that, and there may be some that I am unaware of. Is there one for crouching with an AR, for example? (Are these visible somewhere that I can’t see them?)

Shield Full Beep (should be easy)
I love Amp shields, and while scoped, I use this beep to know when to fire next (shifting my focus to the shield bar breaks my OODA loop). The beep is there, it’s just barely audible.

Hold to Pick Up All
When there are several mission items (or whatever) to pick up, it would be handy to press and hold the Use key on one to pick up all nearby ones (like BL2).


Really good suggestions. I especially liked the ability to see your class mod displayed (loved that in bl2), Spec loadouts (it would decrease my time at the new u), shield full beep, and hold to pick up all.

To kinda piggy back on the dialouge que one, it would be be nice to have whatever new mission you picked up to automatically be the priority mission. (Instead of having to go back into your menu to select it). Most side missions you select begin the moment you pick it up, so having to go back into your menu everytime to see your next objective/ way point seems a little silly. (I also found arrowing over on the main screen to select it a little buggy if I have a few missions open already)

Storage is a tricky one. I like having the ability to swap gear between characters in one go with the 50 bank. I play all 4 characters and like trying/ use a lot of the same gear with all of them.

Even though I’m not as big of collector as a lot of people. I too would like to see a significant increase in storage considering the vast amount of character specific annointments and legendary gear. So, I was happy to hear they will be upgrading/ adding additional SDU’s to our storage space. (Fingers crossed that it’s huge)

This is some low-level stuff, but (and do let me know if it’s working for you): when viewing the Fast Travel map, you can travel to a place by holding down a key (the E key for me, which seems to be unmappable, but that’s another story) while the Fast Travel location is selected.

Let’s say I’m eyeballing Floodmoor Basin, and I have the choice of going to the Drop Pod, Reliance, or Knotty Peak. Alternatly, I can hover my mouse over the Fast Travel icon and hold the left mouse button down, and initiate travel that way.

When there’s a vehicle on the map, only the mouse function works for Fast Traveling to it: holding down E when the Cyclone (or whatever) is selected in the list of options fills up the little timer, but doesn’t actually send you there.