Quality vs quantity of legendary items

Do you guys feel the same about having lots of useless legendaries in the game?

Imho there are some good ones around but it currently feels like only 10% are really effective unless they get nerfed into dust.

Especially compared to BL1, BL2 and PSL.

What do you guys think?


I mostly use a blue shotgun with radiation damage. Most of the legendary weapons seem sketchy. Besides once you find a good one they nerf it a week later.


A blue one - interesting. Which level are you at?

I test a lots of legendaries that people never talk about. In fact, my biggest gripe in this game is that most of the guns are fun to use and i spend almost 15 mins every time i load to game to choose a loadout.

Replace “choose a loadout” to “find a scenario I can utilize them in” and you’ve got my opinion on the matter. Still fun sure, but when I want to just run around murdering peeps, some of them just drag things out to use.

Op says 10% of the guns are « usable ». I think its far fetched. As fir your reply, yes sometimes my hellwalker get swapped for a companion, it does not mean both sucks. Diversity is fun imo

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Only 10% may be meta, I missed that claim and definitely agree with you there.

yes but I mean usable in m3. Aka for the endgame. Before it’s fine. And I also like the diversity. Should have mentioned it.

Again, I play 3 builds with my Fl4k and the only gun that is on all my builds is the hornet, because i did not find anything better for corrode. I use 6 guns on rotation for rakks, 8 for gamma and 4 fore fadeaway, all different. Thats 17 guns (hornet is on all builds) thats not counting nades, shields and modes. So around 25 30 items. All on m3 with no problems.

If you compare that to BL2 endgame « meta » wich was around 8 items for every VH, id say BL3 is on the right track, Im not saying its perfect but we are getting there


I’ll screenshot it later. It shoots a projectile that arcs then explodes.

if you need quality drop … you need to be online and back to main menu for update it and keep online during play .

its very rare to get quality thing during offline… I sink around 10 - 15 lego thing on the ground during I play on slagther shaft during offline . its not even worth to pick it up to send to my friend as a gift of friendship .

even I try to use it for surprise my new friend by open my trash can and tons of gold thing drop from it ! its wont work couz loot system . and even I pick it up and try to drop to my new friend . its just turn to level 47 thing = o = ‘’’

need quality thing ! go online - o - ‘’ and bare with crappy exp ,a nerf patch and a broken gun ! for a new good gun !


I just finished a mayhem 3 Slaughter Shaft run with Firestorm Sniper, Trevonator, Westergun Maliwan themed Moze, just for experimental run. Neutral modifiers, had +45% health on baddies.
When the infinite ammo kicks in, Firestorm sniper is nice and melty vs crowds.
Pretty fun, roughly the same run time as using my 4 elements all Crossroad SMG Hyperian setup. So many guns to try out.

I’ve been thinking.
With the introduction of more class mods they could really make more build diversity present. Maybe new mods will make some of the current lackluster guns really great? Also it took people a while in bl2 to discover some guns full potential, so maybe great builds will emerge using what was previously thought to be crummy guns. New class mods would be a really cool way to go though in my opinion. Especially if they are hesitant to release new playable characters.

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Thanks for alle the answers :slight_smile:

Interesting theory about online quality vs offline. I admit that due to the bad drop rates and crappy xp I didnt play a lot online. Mostly during my playthrough only.

So you say 10 legendaries online are much better than 10 legendaries offline?

I didnt say there a no usable guns but if I’m correct about my current experience of 10% good legendaries it would mean that while having 400 (?) legendaries you get 40 good ones. Yes that is more than before but its what this thread is about - you have tons of crappy legendaries and only a few being of good quality. Which is unsettling because in the other Borderlands games you could really rejoice when you found a legendary. It was not only rare but it was amazing.

However I didnt get a hornet gun now. I think ill look out for this one :slight_smile:

@jdrresurreccionperso - wasnt the crossroad recently nerfed? Is it still viable?

People complained about the BL2 legendaries as much as they are with the BL3 ones, maybe even moreso with all the UVHM complaints. In BL1 the legendaries were generally more powerful but that was mainly because BL1 in general was a much easier game.

I think mayhem was just badly implemented probably breaking their own design for the second playthrough but that is another discussion.

I recently finished replaying BL2 before that game came out. I didnt have problems with its legendaries. they were imho really rare but once aquired really amazing. Here its the other way around.

From what I recall seeing there’s only 200 unique legendaries and everything over that is a variation of one of those…

To be fair in BL2 we already have years of knowledge on the legendaries and how to make the most out of them as opposed to only a month of BL3.

imo most of the legendaries in BL3 are at the very least fine at endgame, with the weaker ones typically belonging to categories of weapons with already well documented weaknesses (snipers, Maliwan etc.). And even so people are already figuring out how to make use out of the weaker/less popular legendaries (e.g. I’ve recently discovered how good the Impaler is with FL4K and it’s become my go-to shield for general play and even the Slaughter Shaft).

true on the knowledge of BL2 vs BL3. I guess we will have to wait and see in the next months what else is happening balancewise.

Interesting you should say that about Corrode. I have a couple of Corrode weapons I keep but tbh I’ve not found any enemy that really needs it and I’ve been wondering whey I need to bother! It’s not like BL2 where Corrode was a must have

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