Quality vs quantity of legendary items

There are some enemies that can be annoying , nogs for exemple wich have a lot more armor than life, in mayhem 3 it can matter. But like you say there are less armored enemies in this gamr

Not in OP levels , wich was the endgame. But i get what you say, i just dont agree. I make an effort to use and try every legendary i find, sometimes they work sometimes they dont. They are situational and not 1 shot trollololol like bl2 6 main endgame guns

not going to lie i like the goofey items, but honestly also i have zero love for a torgue gun that shoots saw blades on the ground, and go hay wire. never hitting their intended target. useless guns like that meet the vendor.

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thanks for posting! is this gun really on par with other shotguns like the butcher?

I think you mean the Boring Gun. If so it just requires a learning curve and is actually immensely powerful, especially against larger enemies. I got one quite early on in Normal mode and it just ate bosses like the Mouthpiece etc. It’s a good one to have in FFYL as anything close to you gets shredded. And I was having a tough time with Billy the Anointed until I used this, after which no trouble at all.

Numbers show that not only are there more legendaries in BL3 than previous titles, but there are more useful legendaries.

@Derch Has pulled the numbers for the former before and I can attest to the ladder. Just have to have the right Vault Hunter with the right build.

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I like most of the things you say here, but this just comes across more like the whole “Devs know how we want to play” thing which is BS.

Randy posted a video on his Twitter, and I liked it a lot. It was about how knowledge without experience creates assumptions, conjecture, and contempt. These devs may know their game - their series - better than me… But they don’t understand HOW I enjoy gaming and it’s annoying as hell that I’m being told how to play.

If I say a legendary is useless it’s not because I’m being literal - it’s because the mechanics don’t work in a way I’ll enjoy. Telling me to swap my build and make it work is the absolute best way to put me off the game - and why so many people have issues with the constant fixing of items.

In short, devs shouldn’t decide how customers play the game unless that game requires interaction between the customers competitively.

I see what you are saying but I see it in a different light.

With so many guns not every gun has to fit in everybuild, and I don’t think it should. If you want to do a certain style it also doesn’t mean only 1 or 2 guns work. With every set up there are tons of guns, artifacts, and grenades that can work. Com’s would be a tighter choice.

You have a ton of choice but yeah not everything will work with every set up.

There are and always have been weird guns that make us think more but that is half the fun of the games to figure out those gems.

No one is saying you have to play anyway. I play how I want with what I want. Sure if you had a set up that got nerfed things changed but you can still play that set up, just has to be tweaked, sometimes it still works fine.


My point wasn’t to swap your build to use a weapon, it was to say you the weapons that work with your build. If you’re using a gun that doesn’t work with your build then don’t use it.

The Duc is a very good gun, but I never us it when I play Amara or Zane. I only use it on Moze or Fl4k. That’s just one example I could run through the whole list.

What I’d rather not see is what we had in BL2; “Top gear for every build: DPUH, Grog, NorFleet, Sandhawk/Pimpernel with a bee/antagonist and Magic Missiles/chain lightning/Fastball.” That will work for almost the entire game at the highest OP level.

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However I will prove to everyone the Unforgiven is OP with every character, also the Bekah.

I’m on the Bekah path nowwwwwwwwwwww

And this I understand as well, however what I’m asking is are they all legendary quality? I thought the top tier of guns was meant to be reserved for gear that excels standards…

We have a Cheeseburger rocket launcher that’s only blue tier - and then there’s blue carbuncle pistols that imho should be legendaries.

Why should increased luck give me a higher chance at yet another gimmick instead of a gun I’m actually interested in using? At least when I came to the thread I thought it was regarding the lack of quality in the best tier of guns… And how so many of them just can’t be used by your every day customer.

If they add a new tier higher than legendary I’ll have no more complaints about legendaries for sure - but as it should be the type of weapon we strive for why are so many of them gimmicks?

Well the game is new and honestly we don’t know much.

Out of the 200ish legendaries I’ve only had quality time with maybe 20 or so. I have way more than that but many Ive not spent much time with.

While I have played a bit with a few that I don’t quite get how to get the most out of them, like the Bane, lob, etc… I do not know that they are useless. I just don’t know the code to make them work.

I’m sure some will under perform and some purples will be better, but that has always been the case in borderlands. This is the first game where they are buffing those guns so there will be less of that than any other game in the franchise.

When bl2 came out a ton of people said things suck that later we found were amazing. Give it time, we don’t know much yet. We are all borderlands 3 babies.


I’ll do this for sure lol, but doesn’t mean I don’t want to discuss areas of improvement. For example there’s two legendary pistols I’ve gotten that were cool but just confusing to see as legendaries. (and sorry as I gave them to my wife I don’t know their real names)

One legendary pistol has the red text flower power, and it’s a fire damage based off Mario where the balls just bounce around until they impact an enemy/environment. Then there’s a legendary Maliwan pistol, where the two elements can be shot at the same time. The catch is that the secondary element only takes effect after it bounces off a surface. If you shoot an enemy directly you only get the primary function… And in this installment you can easily swap elements.

It just seems that while fun, there’s so much top tier weapons that aren’t worthy of the title. I’m not saying reduce the viable builds, but make the guns that are supposed to be legendary worthwhile.

Here is a good example, Captain Scarlett’s DLC came out in October 2012, it wasn’t until May of 2014 when people started to realize the Pimpernel was good on Maya.

One and a half years to learn the pimpernel was good on Maya. 18 months.

My counter point is we don’t know that yet. If it took 18 months to learn the pimp was top tier on Maya, we don’t know much after less than 2 months on bl3.

I’ll add to this, they are also buffing guns people are not using because they are under performing.

The westergun on release was one of those. Since then it had 3 buffs, maliwan guns got 2 buffs in an early hotfix and then the westergun got an additional 25% damage boost in the last one. Now its crazy powerful.

More guns will get that treatment.


I know the pistol you are talking about. Some people like the fire after Ricochet one because you can melt the shield then shoot the floor below them for health damage.

The other one shots a bouncy ball. I have on on my wall and just waiting. The bounce is hard to aim, but that thing hits like a truck on Amara. Time will tell.

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