Quality vs Quantity

Random(Unpopular) thought but do you feel like the quantity of actions skills had some sort of negative impact on its quality. I feel like the action skills aren’t as impactful as what we’ve gotten in the past not saying all of them were looks at axton and roland great but we did get some pretty neat ones. Also feels like the quantity of action skills might have had some impact on annointments, coms as well as balance which is why we have some things like on fade away end get increase accuracy and handling which feels like it was thrown in there so fade away can have something specific for itself. I’ve enjoyed this game immensely but, I’ve always wondered if the quantity was cut down would it have improved things?


I like the variety. Being able to use two with Zane is interesting.
I do think some of them are a little underwhelming, but the problem to me is that particular skill sucks more than there being too many skills.
It would have been nice to have options for someone like Kreig. If you followed the hellborn tree his action skill was pretty pointless. I almost never used it, but I played Kreig alot.


I’m playing TPS right now and realize how much I miss dual pistol or dual weapons. I can’t see any 4 VHs in this game do that. Moze has potential but her AS ties to Iron Bear.

I can dream of dual homing MIRV shotgun flinging… okay now I really miss duals


I like the variety 2 but like you said some skills feel underwhelming but that just goes back to quality vs quantity with so many action skills some are bound to be not quite as good as the others. if their were less skills the quality of action skills would assume to improve as a result.

It’s stupid, but I would like to see Moze controlling IB (with her feet) and shooting her gun (hip fire only) at the same time with her IB open.


IB reacts to Mozes hand movement, so she could hold 2 weapons, automatically shoot IB’s weapons and on top of that - spit out grenades.

Is that enough fire for you, Ava?

I prefer the protection being inside grants

This is just an anointment away; IB gets damaged alot - that 20% procs pretty often (when it doesnt bug out) + they’re FREE


Other than Zane’s, I like the action skills in BL3 more than BL2.

I’m not sure I understand this point, since I do not think the BL2 action skills were any better despite there only being 1 of them per character. If anything, I think BL3 has action skills that are equally interesting or better while also having more of them.

To compare with BL2:

Axton just has a turret and Gaige has DT, which is pretty meh late game. Neither are overly inter-active. I’d say Moze’s Iron Bear is far more interesting than both of these, despite the fact that it needs a significant buff.

Zer0’s Decepti0n is pretty boring unless you’re using it for melee. It is only 5 seconds and you only get 1 shot. FL4K’s Fade Away is more interesting than this even without any augments.

Salvador you just dual wield guns, something that I have personally always felt is an extremely boring action skill.

Maya has Phaselock, but Amara has this exact same skill plus a bunch of interesting augments that you can place on it (i.e. Ties That Bind).

And finally Krieg…well ok, Krieg is amazing. No complaints for that guy.


I far prefer Nisha’s version of dual wielding.

I personally did not play much of TPS, so I can’t speak on her action skill; but I have always heard good things.

His was broken, infinite ammo grog+dpuh you could face roll through almost anything. Boring in early game for sure though and the red eye effect was annoying.

Kunai and death mark also but yeah Fade away is way better

Play Moze all her action skills are the same just different weapons. You will find your tune may change especially if you dont find iron bear all that fun. At least with the other 3 if you want to change up your play style you have choices. With Fl4k it feels like you have 3 different characters when you respec. Zanes meta at the moment kinda pinches you into one or two specs. And Amara has several playstyles though I know hers the least so I cant comment much.

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This is why I was so happy with Wolf & Saint (Wilhelm’s action skill), where you could spec into a skill that let you ‘paint’ a target for Wolf to attack. And with another skill that extended action duration on kill, you could strategically extend W&S deployment during mobbing.

A logical extension for any pet class would tactics options, such as those for companions in the Fallout and Dragon Age games.

The paint/attack command system in BL3 needs work though the long press really slows me down especially when there are a ton on screen all moving and “mister Presidenting” in front of the guy Im actually going for.

Yeah, W&S was just a quick tap; holding down the AS button actually cancelled the skill and restored your unused duration against your cooldown. I liked that mechanic!

Axtons turret was awesome for leveling, and even better for slagging everything in UVHM so you didnt have to weapon swap. People underutilized it tremendously in BL2.




I wish that was how drone worked. But my guess is that would mess with ASE stuff, but Zane does need a way to use a whole swath of anointments that are just lost on him.

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Yea but most people still had the grog for healing and the magic missile for grenades so it kinda lost its luster for even slaging.

I think a major problem there, which still exists, is that Action Skills don’t scale with difficulty. I think they really ought to in order to remain relevant.

Yeah I feel you, but I slightly disagree with them having the same scaling of power for higher levels in something like UVHM in BL2 or MH4 in BL3. Having abilities provide more utility like with my axton example would make up for them not nuking something as hard.