Quarantine=Non Stop Playing

All day playing games Borderlands 3, Destiny 2… I cant wait for 26 march.

Good for you. I’m on Xbox and can’t play right now because Xbox Live is down.

I wish DLC2 would come sooner.

I thought you don’t need XBL to play.

You can play without it but the game says I will be playing offline without my saved data (which is weird).

I’m on Xbox and I’m playing just fine. Maybe because I was on before it went down?

sounds like u have cloud save maybe?

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Probably it’s regional. I was online when it went down.

It could be. My game just crashed but I was able to get back in.

My past experience when playing TPS while the Live servers were down is that you don’t get the achievements registered properly. After which it’s impossible to get some of them again. So if achievements still need to be unlocked, best to wait. I’ve also in the past had warnings with some games that the cloud saves are unavailable and I’ll lose progress if I play locally when the cloud saves re-sync. Not sure where BL3 sits in that regard?

There hasn’t been any indication of any kind of issue on my end. Nothing about not being to log in or anything. It’s all working fine.


You might have either dodged the outage, or it’s back up. But it was definitely down for me an hour ago.

Interestingly, the link google is throwing at me for XBL Status is this one:


And here’s what it’s currently showing:

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 6.15.41 PM

It’s either also broke, or it’s trying to use location services without notifying me that it needs to do so… Time to poke it with a stick, er, Web Developer Crow Bar.

this actually happened to me like 2 nights ago. check xbox sup cause i bet its on their part.

Quarantine + crappy weather = gaming all weekend long! I just finished Black Mesa Source, and am back on to Halo CE to finish that off… may hop onto Pandora a couple times to mix it up. :metal:


Shift service on PC was down about 2 hours, working atm.

Interesting, in my country, some employers were recommended to shift to work from home, but if it is “recommended”, for employer it means “I can do whatever I want”.

I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark, right now, sneezed several times, sweating, but it must be more of a panic that I can’t control than anything serious.

Slightly sad because of no DLC2 alongside with release on Steam. But who I am kidding, I am not able to “non stop play” anymore (pretty jealous, honestly).

I live in southwest Washington state and my university is going to online only following spring break. On top of that, gyms are being forced shut so I’m out of work and can’t lift sooooo… I’ll be doing way too much gaming lol

I am working from home since last Tuesday, but I’m still working. So, not a lot of Pandora during the week.