Quasar Farm Updated?

Was just wondering where the best place to farm a new Quasar was, I’ve tried searching online myself but tons of info seems to be out of date or patched.

Thanks in advance!

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Felicity! :laughing:

Seriously though, UBA Varkids and Vermi are the dedicated drops. Most people’s Quasars are world drops though ( which is completely unhelpful ).


I thought they patched the 4 man glitch, therefore making UBA varkids pretty rare to find on your own?

They also hot fixed it so that it’s easier to spawn Vermi while solo. So UBA Varkids should also be more common, but I think you may have to be online to get this change.

Or farm the guaranteed one in the creature slaughter dome by saving and quiting before before you finish the round.

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I’ve heard good things about creature dome spawning lots of tubbies, maybe ill give that a shot and see what happens!

Just curious, on creature dome round 2 wave 5 the UBA Varkid spawns, but if I kill it wont it complete the round and I wont be able to repeat?

you’re half right. Vermi doens’t have the Quasar as a dedicated drop. its the Nasty Surprise. :wink: I got that damn nade when farming for heads/skins from Vermi. lost of Norfleets too. :blush:

OT: you can attempt the Natural Selection Annex. YOu get a guaranteed UBA Varkid in 1 or 2 of the rounds, can’t remember exactly. Or, you can attempt to spawn Vermi which will yield you quote a few UBA’s to deal with. LLM will drop it as well.

Prob the easiest, would be to farm Tinder Snowflake and hopefully get the Quasar in the Train loot.

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basically any Varkid farming source, so probably the Farmhouse in Tundra express, since you can hide in there and wait for UBA’s to spawn. More players will help…You do that guaranteed one in round 2 of creature slaughter and you can always dashboard quit (or make it a read only if you’re on PC)

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Commander Lilith and the fight for sanctuary DLC. Fight Cassius to get Quasar grenades to drop.

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