Query on Game Level and Difficulty

Being new to co-op games I now find they are an interesting adventure. Over the weekend I had a brilliant session completing Wildlife Exploitation Preserve and Thousand Cuts. However yesterday I entered Opportunity and found the complete opposite. At the point where we had to defeat ‘Jack’s Double’ it was impossible. Jack’s Double had a skull above it with the number 60. As I was playing at level 56 does this mean that you need to be at level 60 to play the Opportunity mission? There was one other co-op player for a very short period. I then stopped the co-op game and did a few side missions solo to move towards level 60.

In the same game I noted that on getting extra ammo I was restocking on ammo that I had not used. So in co-op when stocking up on ammo does this effect all the co-op players?

I appreciate your comments.

From the levels you mention, you’re playing in UVHM.

In UVHM co-op, the game scales to the level of the highest player when you initially start the game and/or whenever the team travels to a new area.

When you’re looking for a game to join, keep an eye on the good/poor match indicator for the host - that’s based on difference in level between players. It won’t entirely help if a higher level player joins after you do, since the game will then scale as soon as you go to the next area.

If you find yourself in the same situation again, you can do one of two things:

  • Hang back, keep the primary target slagged as much as possible, and hope that the highest level player can take those über-levelled enemies down
  • Quit and look for a different game - maybe post in here to see if anyone’s up for some co-op.

Playing underlevelled in co-op is not the best.

As the above post states UVHM scales to the level of the highest player on deck. If that’s not you you’re gunna struggle.

Higher level enemies get damage reduction against you and become absurdly difficult (sometimes impossible depending on the level difference) to defeat.

You get more loot and ammunition in co-op but enemies become tougher and badass quality enemies spawn more often.

As mentioned previously if you are not the highest leveled player in the game you are not going to have fun as the enemies will be higher than you are. Generally if the enemies are anywhere from 3-5 levels or higher than you in UVHM you may want to consider quitting or dedicating to slag duty as those types of enemies are going to take a lot of firepower to drop and will drop you in a heartbeat.

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