Querying into Campaign

I believe the query system for the co-op campaign is flawed for a story driven with difficulty settings and item grinding base-game.

The query system needs to be redesigned to allow players to the select the campaigns they want to particulate in before entering into the query. This option should include a “no preference.” This game has difficulty settings which can only be accessed through the private campaign. Thus if you want to play certain missions (like in story order) or at a more advanced difficulty, the game requires you to already have a party of players and friends if your not wanting to play solo.

The game attempts to promote the co-op environment. You can see this with the co-op campaign button is larger than the private campaign setting. The instance you “win” the co-op campaign your instantly flung out of the current group and can’t even attempt to re-query into co-op with them or to recommend a private mission or go into PVP together. You have to go through the PSN and find them to attempt to organize with them. This prevents the of the random group meet up which you can adventure around with a while then may decided to play together later.

I agree with this statement whole heartily. I’m one of those people who will leave a group should a campaign get chosen that I don’t want to play. I know this upsets the others in the team but I’m not spending an hour or more playing a level I have no interest in and I’d prefer to play the missions in order (I actually don’t know if that counts, but this issue with campaign selection irks me so much I haven’t tried). Like manntravisa said, just add a no preference option to those that don’t care what campaign they play.

I am having this issue now, my next mission is suppose to be renegade. I don’t really feel like playing it by myself but non of my friends have battleborn. But if I play through co-op, I can end up playing every other mission besides renegade. Its very aggravating that I can’t query up for the story mission I am interested in or at the difficulty I would like to play the mission.