Quesiton about shock drop

Hi! I was thinking about hosting a run through of the shock drop slaughter pit with a group of 4 people. Am I correct that even if they don’t have the shock drop dlc, they’ll still be able to join?

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I believe, if someone in your game does not have the content downloaded then the option becomes unavailable for everyone in the game

(my group couldn’t do holodome cause 1 person didn’t have it, I imagine slaughter pit is the same, also this was how it worked with the creature dome in BL2)

I was asking because I was able to take people without the creature dome into the creature dome with BL2 and figured that since this too was a pre-order arean the same could be done.

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Oh, well I never could take my friend in there that didn’t have it…

Disregard my information then

Doesn’t work, I have a friend without it and he couldn’t play it with us.

I’ve always been confused about it, but I’m assuming the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit is in the DAHL training facility?



I was under the impression that yes you can have anyone join this.

Holodome is a different story. That one requires that they own it too.

The creature slaughter dome was actually changed a couple times in terms of players being able to access it. In the end the final change they did to it made it where as long as the host had the dlc anyone else in the game could play it. I believe it’s likely the same will eventually happen with shock drop slaughter dome.

i like the SDSP but it is really short. 4 people will be able to do all 5 rounds in like 45 mins. and there is no badass repeatable round :disappointed: which sucks cuz i really like how fast and dense the mobs get but it is over to fast, an dat shield is AHHHHHmazing

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