Quesstions about Stats on Artifacts/Mods

So I recently learned that some Artifacts that have 2 bonuses instead of 3 is due to the fact that they double up on one of those stats.
(For example an Artifact with 2x Movement Speed bonuses would have +24% Movement Speed instead of +12%)

My question is, are ALL stats possible to be double rolled? I’ve only seen Elemental Damages and Movement Speeds, but I haven’t seen Health Regen or AoE bonuses being doubled.

Can Stats be triple rolled?

Lastly, I remember there being a fix for some mods having only 2 bonuses (supposedly) but I have seen them around still and I haven’t noticed any doubling up on bonuses, but is it possible to double up on bonuses on Mods?

I haven’t seen any triple rolls, have seen several doubles though.

Melee seems to be the main culprit on artifacts, however I did see a double movement speed the other day.

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See, the 2 bonuses on the mod don’t seem to have doubled up on any of them, they’re just 2 bonuses and MISSING one.

The Artifact doubled up on Melee.

I’m interested in seeing if AoE and Health Regen can be doubled up. I’ve only seen Melee, Move Speed, and Rad/Corro/Fire/Shock/Cryo damage.

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Supposedly, the first one listed is the double roll.

Sometimes it seems to add them up and others the card doesn’t update from what I have seen.

Passive Bonuses that can potentially spawn twice on one artifact
These passives will only display once on the item card but with double the bonus a single instance would have.

  • Cryo Damage
  • Incendiary Damage
  • Melee Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Radiation Damage

Check this guide for more info about passives on COMs and Artifacts.


This answers everything then. Thanks.
Sad that most bonuses aren’t capable of getting double.