Quest Bug? Attacking vs. Defending team

Anyone know how the game decides who is attacking and who is defending in PvP? Last night, my two quests were “Win one game as the defender” and “Win two games as the attacker.” My first match was a QM Face-Off, where we stomped the other side. When I got back to the lobby, neither quest had advanced?!?

Does attacker/defender only apply in certain modes? Is this a known bug? I don’t want my main quest to be stuck on number 8 forever, so a clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks BB!

When it says Defender/attacker it is referring to the role of the characters. If you go on your command, it will say for each character (Faction) Attacker/Defender/Support. An example of an attacker is thorn and it will say Eldrid Attacker. Hope this helped you understand.


AH! That makes sense now. Thanks! :bow:

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Also, when you’re in character select for your match, they’re arranged in groups: attackers at top, defenders in middle, support at bottom.