Quest bug (Kill 3 Battleborns with ultimate skill)

Me and my friends have a bug with one quest : Kill 3 battleborns with ultimate skill, we kill 3 Battleborns (3 times in one PVP) and the counter is always at 0/3.

What ults have you guys been using?

What they don’t tell you is that only some ultimate skills will count. Apparently if the skill also gives a buff, it doesn’t count.

Also Bots Battle doesn’t count i think, in case you’ve been playing that

True. I think stuff like el dragon and boldur ultimates won’t work (unless they die from activation damage). Has to be a damage ultimate.

Ults that probably won’t work:

Pendles (unless with DoT?)
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe Ghalt’s?

Ults that will probably work best will be ones that just do flat amounts of burst damage like Thorn’s, Orendi’s, Deande’s and Caldy’s, etc…

DOT such as Beatrix also count.

They have to change it to Skill damage instead.

Bot battles don’t count towards any of the main quests. They do count towards the daily ones though.

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Not true. Im on main quest of buildables and its counting.

They count toward the quests except if a specific Battleborn name is mentioned. Like in the lore challenge kill ambra 5 times.

It is not normal that bot battles do not count. When you choose PVP versus bot it says that the achievements count, so why for this chalenge does not count. In addition to others it counts, like killing 3 Jenerit … No in my opinion it is a Bug.

Ok. Im doing bots battle to get the bada bada boomm title. Its veryr difficult be cause people or gol directly to defeat the centinel , or "steal you " the kills. Maybe with isic its moré easy. I kill about 18 once and 14 another, but i dont t get the title. Ir s totally a bug. anybody get the title in bots battle? With wich character ?..

Any word on when this is going to get patched as I now have three separate, “Ultimate skill” challenges that I can’t do due to this glitch ?

Next patch, possibly. Like, actual patch, not weekly hotfix.

Edit:. I say “possibly” because they have a fix in the works, but these things don’t always go as planned.

Agreed. There are enough people with the problem that I’m certain they’ll fix it sooner or later. When they do, I’ll get three challenges done at the same time so there’s that to look forward to.