Quest Help for weapon Rubi and Grog Nozzle :)

Hey guys,
I have a Problem with 2 Quests. :frowning:
Where i can start the Quest …The beard makes the man" ? because i need the Weapon ,Grog Nozzle" :slight_smile:
And where i can start the Quest ,Rakkaholics Anonymous" to get the weapon Rubi? :slight_smile:
I saw on Borderlands 2 Wiki , andi have read i start the Quest in ,Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep" but where is this? xD

and i saw on wiki too i can start ,Rakkaholics" by Mordekai but i cant find him. :frowning:

Sry for my bad English i hope anyone can help me :slight_smile:

Ps: I am now by Story who i need kill Willheln on True Vault Hunter Mode. :slight_smile:

I can Almighty Grumpy Xbox 1 send request

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has you Rubi or Nozzle for me? Or some legendarys? xD
This game is now to hard for me i am now lvl 45 on Ps4 Borderlands 2 and 0 Leg items xD

I can help you out you have xbox 1 I play well and farmed a lot of gear

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Ah damn, i just have this game for pS4 :slight_smile:

But thx :slight_smile:

i can help you on xbox one, too. i have the incendiary potent rubi and the shock evisceration rubi on op8. my grog nozzles on op8 are the binary, evisceration and potent ones. but i think you have only the ps4.

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Imperial197 gave me the Weapon on Ps4 :slight_smile:

But Thanks anyway that you answered :slight_smile: