Quest icons on map / tracking


I just need to lay out my heart. Me and my friends have been enjoying the game quite a lot. Pretty much everything seems to be improved from the previous games.

Except one thing, and I feel we can’t be alone in this.

The quest tracking is garbage. For someone who wants to do all the quests (but in order to save some time, do them in an optimal order) it’s not very well implemented.

  1. You have to switch between the Quest tab and the Map tab (PC) in order to know the location of each quest you have to track one, check the map then go back and track the next one etc. (you can see the general area of the quest in the quest tab but not location). Which creates a lot of frustration since you have to tab a lot before you find the quest closest to you or the optimal order to do them.
    Possible solution: Have quests and map in the same TAB.
  2. There is still no multiple quest-tracking function. Why not? I thought that this is something that must have annoyed so many people before me and my friends. It’s quite archaic system to only be able to track one quest at a time. At least give the option for multiple tracking. Then those that only wants to track one, can track one.

That’s my feedback for Borderland 3! Really enjoying the game so far! The combat fluidity is so much more awesome now than previous games. And there are so many different weapons that it’s even interesting picking up white items just to see what they can do!

/Kind Regards,

I’ve wanted to be able to track multiple quests since the first game. I can’t believe it’s still not a feature. Now that I’m older and have less time on my hands, I may get an hour of game time a few nights a week. The last thing I want to do it spend more time in menus trying to track down nearby missions on map that has rotated to a differed orientation every time I open it.

It’s bad enough I spend so much time comparing weapons while on a mission because my backpack/bank are so small I have to pick and choose what I want. When playing the Division, I’ll just pick up everything and sort it all out after the mission.