Quest indicator for no reason on Galactic Map

I have completed every possible mission on normal difficulty with Zane but I keep getting quest indicators on specific locations without a quest actually being there every time I open the game. Also on TVHM I get the same quest indicator after I completed everything in that area e.g ATHENAS. If I go on and click on each planet/area it goes away but I have to repeat this process every time I open the game or change Vault Hunter. It’s being bugging me for a long time now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s only on maps from base game where you travel via drop pod, so Floodmoor Basin in Eden-6 etc. If you travel to first map like Floodmoor Basin you’ll see the mark on drop pod. It can be cleared but will reset when you save&quit.
Simply it’s a bug cause only Trial of Discipline has no mark, and all the new content like DLC and Takedowns are clear.
Maybe someday they will fix this, and the planet order.

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So the lobbies I joined which were clear as day had their map cleared manually like I do every single time. It’s not efficient but at least makes sense.