Quest is Bugged

I am currently stuck on the quest “hostile takeover” It will not let me complete the quest at all, none of the enemies show up when I try to go to the area it wants me to and there is no Rhys to talk to and nothing to kill to liberate the watershed. I do not want to start a new character and run through again. I was wondering if there was any way of resetting the quest in any way or at least going back a savepoint. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and verifying the game files and cannot fix anything. I beg anyone to please help me find a fix for this I have a support ticket open and I am waiting but if anyone could please give me anything else I can do it would be greatly appreciated.


Was this after you ended a multiplayer group?

I’ve had an issue where I couldn’t proceeded forward after ending a multiplayer group play that was on the further quest than I was on. When I went back to solo, I couldn’t get further in the map because the necessary cutscene and character to open the door weren’t there.

One thing that might help or mess up your character even further, is to repeatedly join and exit multiplayer groups.


How did u fix it? I’m having the same problem right now.

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Same has happened for me totally stuck because the girl went in before me or idk was afk for a bit and then I couldn’t enter the door. This sucks a lot because I’m basically stuck, can’t really do anything until it’s updated have tried restarting, turning off the ps4, and joining matchmaking but still doesn’t help me… PLEASE GEARBOX HELP ME


Im stuck on this same quest. It allows me to fast travel into the Watershed Base, however i have not “unlocked” this base yet. So now im in the base, and they want me to “Contact Rhys” who is directly behind the door in this base, however the door is locked, as i am meant to be on the other side of it. I attempted to Fast Travel to Lectra City to try and approach the objective from another direction, however this lead me to bridges that were not yet constructed. I was also able to walk on these bridges that werent yet build, which took me just about to where i needed to be before i hit another barrier. The game seems to be stuck here for me now. Have to matchmake with people for campaign missions until then, and the hosts leave and ruin that experience for me. Game breaking glitch.

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This all happened after I joined my friend who was further along in the main quest line than me, but I have joined many of my friends and made them join me to see if we can fix it. and @rickyisbored I am having the exact same problems as you word for word there is ■■■■ all I can do and I am getting extremely irritated, I guess I am just gonna have to wait for gearbox to hopefully respond to my ticket or update the game.


I had a friend who was further along invite me to their game, he then brought my character directly to the spot where you and the girl are meant to enter that tunnel, and then he left the game (which he hosted, kicking me out) and then i hit “continue game” on main screen to load my normal game back up, and it ended up bringing me exactly where he left me in his game, and the girl was with me again, i hope this helps some of you having this problem, but they definitely need to patch this.

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If you go back to the begining zone and walk by foot when you zone into metroplex she will be there helping and resume the quest


Hey would you be able to help me do this. my name on EPIC games is ëric I have no friends who remember where Rhys was when they met him and beat it.

Alright boys I somehow fixed it on my own I had joined a random person through campaign matchmaking and then I teleprted to meridian metroplex and then he kicked me because that wasn’t where he wanted to go or what he was doing lol. But after I got kicked I just pressed continue in the main menu and it spawned me in with loreli and it finally let me beat the mission I might have missed a cut scene or 2 but it is more than worth it god dam. HMU ON EPIC GAMES IF YOU NEED ANY HELP DOING THIS I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP, add my EPIC game ëric. message me if this worked for you guys!!!


Tried the same thing but didnt work for me. Maybe we can try it again if you are up to, thanks!

@scro2004 I would be more than happy to help you try and fix this ■■■■■■■■. If you add my EPIC games I will be on for most of the day today.

I’m stuck too. Right now

I’m having the exact same issue, level 10 Gunner, stuck on the Hostile Takeover quest and unable to progress at all.

The quest is stuck showing the objectives “Contact Rhys”, “Liberate Watershed Base” and “Open base door”, but due to a bug I’m unable to complete any of these objectives.

I spawn into the zone already inside Watershed Base, but can’t get out as the main door is locked, the control panel is on the outside, and the garage door is inactive; I can’t contact Rhys because the control panel is ‘locked’, and killing all the enemies inside does nothing to progress things.

If I fast travel to the Meridian Metroplex zone, I always appear inside the base and can’t progress, apparently doomed to remain there.

If I fast travel to the preceding Meridian Outskirts zone, I’m unable to enter the Atlas hideout because the door is still locked, but Lorelai appears to be inside, leaving me stuck out in the tunnels.

If I fast travel to Lectra City and try to navigate back, I still can’t progress, because the bridges are inactive/blocked, and the garage door is still locked.

My best guess is this was caused by my quitting or being kicked from the session while Lorelai was doing her coffee-themed door-opening dialogue with Skyhawk or whatever his name is, but my progress appears further from other sessions and the game is setting me down in the still-locked-down Watershed Base.

I’ve tried everything I can think of, other than jumping into random online sessions and hoping someone is at just the right stage to unstick me, but please advise a solution or put out a hotfix ASAP because my entire playthrough has ground to a halt!

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Same problem :frowning:

Update fixed it with matchmaking an other mission. After that i could continue my mission

found a very easy fix for this guy’s. go to the metroplex where your supposed to contact Rhys and just let the 2 robots kill you. You will then respawn on the otherside of the big door, allowing you to open it and then use terminal to send the signal :slight_smile:


I don’t know how to fix it but I have the game for Xbox if we can help eachother :joy:

Just hit start social and join a multiplayer campaign till you beat that part and the door opens. <<<===== THIS WILL FIX IT

Space laser tag is stuck for me. I quit Saturday night halfway through the mission. Login Sunday and when I enter the chute nothing happens. No dialogue, no rhys, nothing. I can’t progress any further in the story. Please help.

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I’m playing on Xbox. just restart your game, ON SOLO… then fast travel to Meridian Metroplex . Let the 2 robots that spawn in kill you. You will restart by a save point on the other side of the blocked door and your able to continue the game as normal.