Quest issues , help please

I have Problems with the Quest. Arterisk Hour. The Game Said „follow typhon de Leon“ :white_check_mark: , but nothing Happens. Help Please

If it’s checked, it means you’ve already arrived where you need to be. I haven’t done that mission, so can’t help you other than suggest you look for anything you can interact with.

The mission in the shadow of starlight when the cutscene finish my game glitched and I couldn’t finish the mission I’ve quit the game and reloaded it and I’ve deleted the game and reinstalled it but it’s still not working I just wanna beat the game and have fun in the end game but I can’t with this stupid glitch

after the hook came on “follow typhon”, the next task is automatically loaded. this is not for me. It is a main mission. can not continue playing

You’re best bet at this point is to hit the relevant on-line play and trading section and see if you can join someone else’s game to run the mission.

You can also file a bug report for the issue.