Quest Log/Tracking + Minimap/Map Feedback


already played a dozen of hours and so far i am enjoying the experience.

The 2 major things that do bother me are the Mission tracking/Mission Log and the Minimap.

Let’s start with the Minimap/Map:

I really want to see some Minimap customization(Zoom + Scale), not just one scale Slider for the whole UI.
Also i would like to see little pointing arrows on the Minimap when Group members are out of range.
Next Thing that would be usefull are North/South direction Indicators on both the Map and the Minimap, so communication with Group members is better, sicne they can’t see your markers that you can make on the map.(Those markers should also be visible to your Group members)

When you open the big map the little grey arrows that indicate Group members are way too less prominent, they Need to have a shiny Colour and be a little bit bigger.

On a positive note: I really enjoy the 3D Style of the Map, never seen somethign similar before and after gettign used to it it is really enjoyable.

Second Thing that bothers me is the Mission Tracking. You can only track one Mission a the time and you have to open the log to switch the tracked Mission. To make it even worse not selected Missions are not visible on the map/minimap. They should at least be visible slightly Grey out or in a less prominent colour.

When i want to do multiple quests i always have to switch currently tracked quest to see if i didN#t skip a side Mission or something.


We Need:
Minimap customization
North/South Indicator for Maps
Group member pointers more prominent and arrows on the Edge of minimap
Playermade marker should be visible to Group members
Possible tracking of multiple Missions at once/Not tracked missions also slightly visible on map


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also about the mission tracking, would be great if the mission/quest would tell you what planet it is on also, atleast only way for me to se it, is to zone out to orbital view.