Quest reward and Bekah Farm

Just think its bs that you cannot farm for the anoint you want in any legitimate manner. End game gameplay and builds heavily rely on these anointments yet you have no capability to reroll or influence them for many items in the game, even through TVHM. Love the game, just very frustrating (especially on console).


End game, or MM4? You can run around the end game with Mayhem Mode off, and do well with way more gear and builds.

Mayhem mode 4

I literally posted about the Bekah about 2 weeks? I think after launch. Still no way other than restarting an entire new character to the new max level and then praying harder than you’ve ever prayed before to rngesus to get one on console.
I mean there are some great AR’s in the dlc and a bunch are jakobs but bekah is my shiz and it’s extremely disappointing console gets shafted so hard on this front. Just know I and many others feel your pain.