Quest Reward Levels

Hi guys,

I was just wondering, if I complete “Whoops!” at 72, don’t turn it in, but instead quit out and go back in at my current OP lvl (OP4), would the Sand Hawk scale to the OP lvl? Or would I have to complete the whole quest at OP4? Same with “Don’t Copy…”?

If you accept it at OP4, drop down to 72 to complete all the objectives, and then head back up to OP4 to turn it in, you’ll get the OP4 reward. If you accept or turn it in at 72, you’ll get a level 72 reward.

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What he said- mission rewards depend on when you ACCEPT them, not turn them in. If you want it at max level wait until you reach level 72 (or OP8 if you plan to go that far- otherwise you have to reset the mode).

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Right, so I actually did it at at OP4, but the quest reward (Sand Hawk in this instance) was lvl72. Bit of a pisstake, but I forgot I had one on my Axton anyway.

I’ll try it when I do “Don’t Copy…” and I’ll let you know beforehand what level it is. If it’s 72 I’ll dashboard.

Like they said it depends on when you accepted the mission, so if you accepted don’t copy that floppy at 72 your out of luck so dashboard will not help you.

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I haven’t started it yet, but that would explain why my Sand Hawk was lvl72, as I did the previous mission at 72, so when I turned in the previous one Whoops was automatically accepted at 72.