Quest rewards items

Can quest reward items drop as anointed? Like say the Bekah? And if it can, is there anyway to farm for a good roll?

Most of them can. Sadly you have to set your save file to read-only if you’re on PC or back up your save file in order to farm them, just like in the other games. On console I’m not sure. I guess you’d have to force-close BL3 before it saves.

I received an anointed Siren Bekah for my first 1, but I don’t know if there’s a way to increase luck besides relics

Afaik, you can’t even dashboard in the console versions. Tried it once on the PS4 but it didn’t work, atleast for me.

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On PS4 you can always save to USB, finish the quest, then copy the character back to do over. Heck, you can even toss off the item to an alt account mule & farm for multiple versions.