Quest switching in classic mode - could this be added somehow?

It may seem like a minor thing, but being able to tab through quests with the D-pad makes this game so much nicer to play through. It’s clear that quests in this game were designed with this feature in mind, as side-quests often overlap with main-quest objectives.

Unfortunately, once we unlock our fourth gun slot, I simply can’t stand to play in the default controller scheme anymore. Having to manually tab through four guns is a chore, whereas the old D-pad implementation is much more convenient. It puts me in a situation where I am forced to make compromises to my experience simply because I wasn’t able to play this game on PC.

Would it be possible to add an alternate keybind to cycling through quests? My suggestions would be…

-While holding down Y (secondary use), hitting left or right on the D-pad cycles quests
-While holding down Select, hitting left or right on the D-pad cycles quests

I know I’m posting under the Xbox tech support, but obviously add this on all consoles.
Hell, on the PS4 controller, let them swipe left and right across the touchpad to do this. Voila. Fixed.