Quest System Under Utilized?

Ok, so, I realize that Gearbox does (sadly) want us to spend money on Platinum, rather than earning it for free, but who is to say that Platinum should be the only Quest reward?

I am going to talk a bit about Uncharted 4 multiplayer here, because they had (have, I guess) an AMAZING quest system.

Each day, you could have up to 3 quests active.

And there is a LARGE number of quests / challenges to choose from; kill a certain number of enemies with grenades or with a certain weapon or special ability or with melee, get a certain number of kills as a certain character, land a certain number of critical hits, play so many matches of a specific PVP mode, do such and such in under this amount of time, etc.

Not only that, but if you got a quest or challenge that you didn’t like, you could change it one you liked more!

I really do feel like Quests are a great way to incentivize players to log in and play daily, but more Quest options and more rewards rather than just piddling sums of Platinum would be nice; skins, gear, taunts, credits (but like an actual decent amount of credits), loot packs, etc. Faction or character specific quests to get people to branch out and try new characters. Stuff like that.

What do you guys think?

Just my 2 cents @jythri and @joekgbx thanks!


I don’t touch pvp modes at all due to personal preference, so the option to refresh them even once a day or week wouldn’t be too bad. As it stands now, all of my quests have been pvp-based… so I haven’t done any of them.



Ahhh, yes, I meant to touch upon that as well!

More PVE or bot or Varelsi or Jennerit killing related quests!


I want bonus xp for doing challenges!

Also, character specific challenges sound great!

Things like:
“Kill an enemy Battleborn while under the effect of Mansformation as Montana”
“Kill an enemy Battleborn with Blade Launcher as Mellka”
“Cloak 25 times as Pendles”
“Absorb 1,000 damage with Rotating Wards as ISIC”
“Be in Omega Strike for 180 seconds with ISIC in a single match”
“Absorb 5,000 damage with Ekkuni Greatshield as Boldur”
“Land 3 critical fully charged hooks as Attikus”
“Buff 5 allies in a single match with Patient Zero as Beatrix”
"Kill 5 enemy Battleborn with a critical hit as Marquis"
ect, ect.

…and cancelling challenges is a must. @Nema have you considered our Lord and Savior, Bot Battles?


Unfortunately, some challenges don’t progress in bot matches (and I say that as a devoted follower Our Lady of Bot Matches)


I would love to see random credit quests as well :slight_smile:
keep the platinum ones as they are, but add in credit quests! :smiley:
Now that it’s set up, it can do a whole lot more! :slight_smile: Love the suggestions so far! Would love to see more pve oriented ones as well. I have too many folks now who want to play bots or pvp specifically because they want to clear their quests.
im still just ‘it gets done when it gets done’, but it would be nice if i still had random friends that had incentive to play pve equally lol.


With Bots Battle being a thing, no one should have any reason not to do PvP related daily quests. Once GBX fixes all the bugs and glitches in Bots Battle, every one of them can be completed if attempted.

So, GBX, don’t take out Bots Battle.

I am actually not in favour of character based quests, unless you can swap to the character you prefer. I absolutely despise playing some of the characters, and I don’t need the game offering me a quest that encourages me to slit my wrists to see some colour.

If anything, the platinum amount should be increased as rewards. Adding 500 to 1000 credits extra for rewards work too, I suppose. Most people are complaining that 4 or 10 platinum are too few. Maybe increase that amount to 8 and 16 and it would be easier to grind. It would take players a little less time to get the skins and taunts (for me it’s loot boosters since I find cosmetics to be near pointless) but their retention would significantly increase as of result.

GBX so far has done an adequate, using that term loosely, enough job at dangling the carrot, sure, but it can always be better.

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Posted on reddit a while ago that I’d like to see faction wars (similar to those in Mortal Kombat X) in the game.

Tl;dr of that: You can join one of the factions (Jennerit, UPR, Eldrid, LLC, Rogues) as a player and by completing daily quests and playing matches you earn factions points that are pooled up and every week members of the winning faction that contributed to the win will get some small reward for it (credits, platinum, a title while you are with the champion faction, etc.).

Found it fun in MK and still think it could work in Battleborn too.




I am permanently stuck in the Assist Zone for this game.

Almost 1000 hours, literally over 25000 assists, but still only at 8700 something kills.

So, yesterday, I got the quest “Kill 10 Enemy Battleborn”.

For some people, that’s like 1, maybe 2 matches.

It ended up taking me 4 and a half hours during which I got literally dozens of assists.

The reward?


Boooo-urns, I say!


That’s why I do Bots Battle. It becomes a lot easier to stomach, since you’re having fun and doing the quests. If you wanted to challenge yourself with completing it by killing real humans, that’s your prerogative. However, based on your previous statement I don’t think you found that experience gratifying.

Getting people to want to play Battleborn is what GBX needs to continue doing better. People won’t want to play it if it doesn’t become a priority to want to play it.

By no means am I encouraging people to discard real responsibilities in order to prioritize Battleborn.

I’m at 490 platinum, trying to grind to 700 to buy a loot booster bundle. Another month or less, I presume, unless they increase the platinum acquisition.


[lore challenge flashbacks] I want to do Bot Battles, but my usual group is never on anymore and I don’t have enough faith in my own capabilities to consider solo queue. I don’t see very well, so I don’t want to hinder a team like that… I also want to try the Face-Off mode, but… haven’t, for similar reasons.

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Bots Battle isn’t demanding -at all. No one gives a damn about how you play -unless you’re deliberately dying and making the bots outlevel everyone else, making the game significantly harder for no reason other than, oh, I don’t know, because screw you guys.

There is nothing on the line here. So you really, really have no reason not to do the dailies if they are working in Bots Battle.

Just queue, kill some bots, have fun, get platinum, get money, buy packs.