Quest Tracking still bad as in BL2

Still no multi quest tracking, I’m so disappointed.

You can’t track multiple quests at once, but you can rapidly cycle between them with left and right on the d-pad while playing, to check and see if you have an objective near you. So it’s definitely better than BL2.


That’s a meh from me, the problem stems from not being able to see more than quest active at the same time, they could just have colored the map markers differently and it would have been fine. this feels super 2012.

I do agree that multi-quest tracking would have been better. They managed to fix just about everything I disliked about Borderlands 2 quality of life wise, but this looks like the one thing they didn’t fix that they needed to.

I dont see this as a real issue, generally speaking you can only do one at a time, yes I would be nice to see grouping of quests but it’s not difficult to navigate the quest selection to see what’s where

You are very often in a situation where more than one quest is in the same area and you end up having to go back because you missed it because you were tracking a different one


I have to say, the whole UI is still really bad, like they learned nothing from BL2. The map is horrible, quick travel only got worse because now you have to play “hover the correct icon on the map” to find the spot, no item compare tooltips in bags and so much more

Custom markers still don’t appear for group mates

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For fast travel every area has a drop down menu with a list of fast travels. You dont have to find it on the map. It will even list your vehicle if you have one out

It’s just not really an issue. There are far more important fixes needed.

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I don’t need multiple tracking at the same time… However the whole being able to swap between what you’re tracking really quickly is kinda busy for me.

I mean ease off swapping is nice but it’s only available on mini map… In the echo you still have to leave the map page to toggle new quest to go back to the map. If fast toggle between quests was to be implemented it really should’ve been on the map screen itself…

and given how quests dont need to be turned in anymore…it doesnt really matter

Some quest require you to turn them in. I just did a sidequest for tina and had to return and talk to her.