Quest Weirdness

Main quest and daily quest the same - kill 3 Battleborn with an ultimate skill. Just killed 3 Battleborn with an ultimate skill and it counted for the main quest but not the daily quest. Anybody else have this problem?

Had this several times, but I don´t see the problem. (besides the quests being a bit redundant…guess its RNG)

There are 2 seperate quests, both want you to kill 3 enemy Battlborn with your Ult, makes 6 Ult-kills in total.

Seems MainQuest has priority, so kills (or any other fulfilled objectives) first count towards a Mainquest, after its completion it counts for the Daily.

Did you imagine it could be worded 3 ways?


Switched to another account and killed some more. None of them counted for anything. We are not amused.

The “Kill with Ult” quests appear to be bugged for Bots Battle. I wouldn’t know if they worked in Quick Match, because when I try those queues I get stomped every single time.

As @TacticianLyra said, this quest is often bugged in BotBattles - did you play BB-Battles or usual matches?

(My quests got stuck with the second “3 Ult-kills”-quest I got, the first quest worked in B-Battles, but the next bugged out. So far I had not the energy to go in usual 10man-matches, since I rarely get kills in normal PvP anyway.)

I’m in Bots Battle and if it can’t be done there, ok for now. But the problem is that sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t. I don’t think consistency is too much to expect.

Yup, on both of my accounts those don’t count in Bots Battle.
I don’t mind other than, gosh, wish they could just be removed since I’m not going to do PvP, period.

Just a tip, if you have bolas target try to use thorn in meltdown. Farm exp from minions, activate bolas then find a squishy like marquis, any healer, dragon, melka, etc. Land a cursed arrow then get close and use volley and finish with ult.

Squishies cant survive that combo…

Edit: if they dont have a shield (break) is easier to do.

Got really frustrated and decided to try PVP. No luck though because you can’t get a game because everyone’s playing Bots Battle.