Question about 4 player

Hi. I have just returned to playing after a 1 year hiatus, only to find that 4 player glitch is gone!!

I am a strictly solo (2 player with my mule) player and this really irritates me, because it makes me lose Vermi and OOO (or at least makes farming pure torture!). Does anyone know of any other ways to replicate it? I am on xbox 360.

Nope there are no other ways, its gone for good. While many that knew of it would take advantage of it for a rather large part of the player base that didn’t spend time looking into all the details the game would get 4x harder for them without them knowing, which was a big issue.

They need to make the slider for console users. Or add those two to Digistruct.

Like if you get to OP8, it unlocks a mode where it is just awash in farmables:

Gold golum
Hunter Helquist
Burners (for cobras)
King Mong

And on and on…


Or maybe it can FINALLY be a (good) use for the Mysterious amulet!

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Careful now.

Don’t touch my amulet :grin: All gamers need friendship and if 4 players wear it there’s actually a 0.00% chance of spawning a secret raid boss on the Unassuming Docks of Potentially Little Importance.

I do wear it randomly, hoping something will happen. :confused:

Think of how much more fun it will make it!

I keep my +7 amulet in the stash… you know… just in case :grinning:


It would make sense that +Friendship, when in solo play, would ADD friends!

Could you imagine a game scaled to +7 (8) players?! OMG that would be beautiful and fun! It would add a challenge to already maxed out players and it would aid in farming for us soloists!

I wonder how many people would like this change!

Edit: I made a poll thread.

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