Question about Alani's sprint

is it just me or is her sprint speed only slightly faster than her normal movement speed? she feels very slow. of course i’ve been playing nothing but thorn lately. so that might have something to do with it.

Also, i had a hard time having her shots connect on a couple enemies. mainly Isic(campaign).i had to aim at the very bottom of the tubes on his legs to get torrent to hit. anyone else having issues like this?

Targetting her healing is better than Miko for sure, but I don’t know how they prioritize whne you have a few people in range. For instance, went to heal my tank, but another character walked behind him and took it?

She IS really slow. But she has that rip-tide which can improve her ability to escape and manuever.

ok thank you. so she is slow. which is kinda weird. she looks like she would be kinda quick, but i guess she kinda is like a fish out of water. so i guess it makes since.what’s the range for her heal by the it really close or can you rez snipe like maya with her phaselock in borderlands 2.

@reidbaker sounds like you’ve played her in PVP. What’re your thoughts balance wise? Hearing mumbles of her being a little too strong.

yeah i heard that too. she kinda like the swiss army knife of battleborn right now.

She seems amazing with utility, not so much with damage. Heard her burst heal can get up to 1000, which I think is kind of ridic, plus 100% damage reduction to healed allies for 6 seconds or something.

Although, her ability to have to do damage to heal may make her inferior to other supports, thus not often chosen once things calm down.

i see what you mean. but if your good with here she can end up being a monster support. i guess she’s more of an advanced character in that way.

30%, she doesn’t make them indestructible.

The helix actually says 100%. Assuming that’s a typo, as it would be ludicrous. max stacks don’t tale that long to get.

It is indeed a typo.

Also in pvp she is not overpowered as much s people don’t know what to do with her yet. Give it time and people will figure it out.

I am glad I am not the only one who noticed she doesn’t feel to have a sprint. Still love her to bits though

…She is a bit too slow, other than that I love her, my new Fav.
I only play public Story mode and have already played her on several maps, level 5 now.
In the area with the traps on the way to the Sentinal she just barely makes it at times.

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Yeah, and as cool as the dash is, all 3 level 4 options are fantastic. I mean, having to choose between a dash, a DoT, and a slow is seriously nerd-rage inducing.



In my opinion she is slow but can be compensated with movement speed gear and as soon as you have the helix to surf the wave is a nice escape movement.

Now about the balance too early to talk but I’m prepared to nerf alani threads as soon as she is out for all. She is hard to pin down without team coordination.

Seriously. She has so many options I can’t decide which I like best! cries* Why do you have to hurt me with my own love Gearbox?

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Rank 3 is another biggie. As tempting as the attack speed is, I’m really digging the cd reduction.

Yeah, I think I’ve settled on focusing on her riptide since the geyser can be hard to land unless you’re enemy isn’t paying attention.

I opted for CD as well, it just makes sense and by the end you can pretty easily chain everything together. I like how quick her casts are, virtually no delay. The sprint is ugly though might run sprint gear.

I used Thorn’s shield hack on her, just add one of those mods that looks like a battery and Alani has a shield! :sunny:

In reference to the balance she does seem a little insane. Played an incursion match and her wave clear is pretty high not to mention the 900 heals every 10 seconds or less depending on helix choices and attacking minons. You can max out your charges in 4-5 seconds so that seems a little much honestly.