Question about Alani's sprint

Yeah, but it’s a burst heal method and she isn’t very fast so when you’re waiting for cooldowns you’re exceptionally weak. I think it’ll play out ok, people will have to learn to seek her through all the watery chaos going on though.

She is slow but she has more health to balence it out i dont mind she a ranged character with ranged attacks and skills she doesnt need to be running around the front lines healing like miko.

She’s a lot of fun - but will likely need some balance. She spreads out her impact across heal, damage, and CC. I think they’ll likely dial down her CC effects in some way since she’s quite formidable without them while providing different support to the team (healing, speed, etc).

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She felt slow to me as well. Makes the Ambra kills scary to think about.

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I notice her crits are pretty hard hitting, wondering how she would behave with improved crit damage. I’ll probably opt more for heal buffing though and play the control side more.

Max osmosis can heal about 750. I forgot to build a mod pack for her and used Miko’s legendary. Was netting about 900. You can grab her 15% bonus heal augment as well (I wasn’t using it.). Should bring her heals to 922 min or 1000+ max (860 without) with the right gear. Focus minions for fast osmosis and heal like mad.

Oh and you get half of all heals back towards yourself.

After a close match in 4 premade vs 5 premade, I notice a few things .

She can be easily dispatch if people gets too close or goes against dps with high mobility or bleed prevent healing effects.

I dunno if I was lagging but tons of attacks on target didn’t hit specially up close, if someone can confirm this would be great and about the balance for now she seems fine the only thing that is far too strong in my opinion is the capacity to heal others after all she is a tank

For the first time since I’ve been playing Battleborn I saw a huge lag when three of us Alani used our waves at once.

I dunno if it is lag or a massive fps drop but yeah that happened to me as well, plus I can confirm that some attacks are not hitting if the target is coming sprinting.

This is an issue for all healers. Right now it’s based on who is directly in front of you when the heal goes off.

Only if you don’t have a target for the heal.