Question about All My BFF’s

How exactly is the health regeneration for teammates determined?

Let’s say I have 10,000 health and I regenerate 1.5% of my max health/second from Self-Repairing System (That would be 150 health/second). Then my teammate has 5,000 health. Would my teammate regenerate 75 health/second (this is half the amount I receive) or 37.5 health/second (this is 0.75% of their 5,000 max health)?

I’m assuming it’s the first one, the teammate would receive 75 health/second. If so, can teammates only receive health from your regeneration skills? Or can they also receive health from other sources, like lifesteal guns or relics with static regen?

From what I can tell there are four skills and one action skill augment that provide health regeneration:

Self-Repairing System (1.5% max)
Turn Tail and Run (0.9% max)
Rage and Recover (8.0% max)
Who Rescued Who? (2.0% max)
Burst Aid (20%)

*All numbers without classmod boosts

That’s a max of 32.4%/second if you had all skill effects going at once.

Burst Aid states that it works for FL4K and his allies, so I’m assuming that allies can receive 20% of their max health/second from this, even if FL4K has no points invested in All My BFF’s. Does this mean they could receive 20% of their max health and up to 16.2% of FL4K’s max health simultaneously? That would be a lot of regeneration.

Last part of the question. Does FL4K have to be actively regenerating health for teammates to receive the benefits of his health regeneration? Or stated another way, can teammates receive health regeneration benefits from All My BFF’s while FL4K is at full health? And if they can’t, does anyone know of a way to do consistent moderate damage to yourself?