Question about ase 100% anointment

So if i have 4 guns all with this anointment as one does on the r4k build for fl4k. If I throw one r4k is it active for all guns or do I have to r4k again with each gun after I switch. How long does the anoint last for?

Same question for duration and 100% r4k anointment

For general annointments and ones that affect you as the player, I believe you need to trigger per gun. If it is the rakk, enemies take 100% damage if hit by them, then I do not think it matters, but I could be wrong

so could i be not on my r4k 100% gun then switch to and immediately start shooting while getting bonus damage?

The gun needs to be in your hand to trigger the bonus initially for the rakk 100%, but you can switch after and still benefit, if that makes sense.

so i have a r4k anoint gun in hand
throw rakks
rakks hit
then switch to other gun 100% will still be in effect