Question About Battleborn Pre-Order

Hello. My name is Cobble.

I would like to preorder Battleborn for PC.

Does Battleborn run on Mac? Macs are PCs.

In the past I’ve bought games that run on PC, but found out they don’t run on Mac after I bought it, and no where on the website did it say it wouldn’t run on Mac.

It’s not in the pipeline for now i think. But Borderlands has come to Mac & Linux after some time. So maybe?¿?

Where does it say it doesn’t run on Mac?



Wha…what?! Why is Mac and PC both listed when Macs are PCs? So although Battleborn runs on PC, it won’t run on my PC?!

Pc, mac and linux are different.

It has to do with the OS and the API’s it supports (DirectX, OpenGL, etc)

No they aren’t! Mac and Linux ARE personal computers!

PC implies Windows.

So a personal computer only applies to one type of computer?

I didn’t say it applied to one os.
Like I said, PC being listed usually implies Windows which is why you always see Mac and Linux listed separately.

We can rant about the definition of an PC. Yes it’s all the same hardware. So if you take PC as in Personal Computer, yes an Mac can be described as an Personal Computer. Although when marketing started on Mac they had the slogan “you’re not buying a PC you are buying a MAC!” so they distance themselves from the PC market.

The most common Personal Computer runs on Windows (see image below). Like i said earlier it’s has to do with the OS and how it works. Windows and IOS have different API’s how to manage stuff. Mac’s haven’t really been an gaming platform. Porting game to the other OS takes time (read Money).Because the majority of the consumers are on windows PC’s that’s where the money is made.

When Borderlands 2 did well it got an MAC & Linux version, so maybe you just have to wait a bit longer (or buy an Windows PC). But the chances of a MAC version is higher than Battleborn coming to WiiU.

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I hate being a minority >:( thanks for the explanation.

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I don’t want to crush your hopes but I don’t believe the Mac ver. is coming out any time soon.
For now they only made it for PC and it’s still a beta.
I know Borderlands you can play on Mac but that game was released a long time ago.
You should go get a refund if you dont have a PC.